Why is presenting important?

As a business major, I have had to spend many class times planning presentations for different ideas that I would soon have to pitch to the class. When it comes to a business education, presenting has proven to be one of the most important aspects that is taught among schools across the nation. After going through so many tutorials on what is a “good” presentation myself, I have had to ask, “why is this important?”. In reality, I believe presenting serves to be crucial when starting a life after college.

Communication with Non-Geeks

In this clip of The IT Crowd the two main characters play a prank on their manager by fooling her into giving a speech about the “internet”. As a non-geek, she doesn’t know much about technology and how the internet really works, so she falls for it. Little do the two geeks know, the people she is presenting to are just like her. The presentation ends up going perfectly until someone “breaks” the internet and everything falls into mass chaos.

This scene represents the knowledge barrier between geeks and non-geeks in the business world and how that can affect daily life. As people who maintain technology and how it’s used, it is important that we are able to communicate well to the non-geeks who may not understand it. When there is miscommunication, chaos can break out in a company.

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Communication with Geeks

In the software development world, a method of collaboration between coworkers called peer programming dominates most of the cutting edge software companies. This method consists of two or more coworkers coding on the same project simultaneously. It requires an impressive amount of communication as teammates have to be clear on the goals and process of the project they are working on.

When we visited Asynchrony Labs in Saint Louis, one of the most important aspects of their company came with their belief in peer programming. When it comes to management, Asynchrony has a flat infrastructure. There are only three levels of hierarchy. Since most of the employees are on the same level of responsibility, there is a large trust on teamwork within the company. Communication is key when working within the teams so that projects run smoothly.

Why do we present in class?

Throughout our college careers, we often find ourselves giving presentations about just about anything to an audience that doesn’t care. We would only be cheating ourselves if we didn’t wonder about the value of giving these presentations. The truth is, these presentations are merely an excuse to get up and talk in front of a group of people. As geeks, we can be very awkward people. However, by practicing our communication skills in front of others, we can learn from each other and become more comfortable with people.

Some of the largest congregations of geeks are found at video game conventions. At these events, the amount of social awkwardness is astounding. As a way to get cheap internet views, some youtubers like to go to these events and create as many awkward moments as possible. In this clip, these poor souls are confronted by a wild interviewer and are put into an awkward situation.

As geeks, we can emphasize to a certain point with these two fellows in the interview. We may not always know how to react in a moment of conflict. However, if we continue to put ourselves outside of our comfort zone by ways such as presentations or group projects, we can improve our social skills and become more comfortable in the outside world.

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