Is Technology All Bad?

“Technology is ruining your generation!” “Nothing good comes of that Facebook.” “Social media is killing face-to-face communication.” Have you heard, or been told any of these statements or anything similar? It seems like this is a common thought among those in the generations older than millennial’s. Technology is the enemy to many of them. But, is it really as bad as they say? Is it really ruining our generation and those younger than us?

Sure, technology has its downfalls but it’s not ALL bad. There have been studies that have shown some of the good things that tech brings. Although controversial, many believe that tech teaches us to multitask more efficiently. But, the one that is most important to me is that it connects people.

I travel a lot so I have friends and family in different states and even different countries. If it wasn’t for things like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, I wouldn’t have much if any communication with them. Not only does it make personal communications easier, but when we need to plan a trip there for what ever reason, it makes it easier to find out the information necessary to plan the trip.

One example is for mission trips. My church makes several trips each year to the Dominican Republic for mission work. Much of the communication about the trip and the requirements for it are made through Facebook and FaceTime. Even though the communication is sometimes spotty due to WiFi issues, it is a huge help to both us and our friends in the DR to have such an easy way to get information back and fourth.

Another is the relationship between a good friend of mine in the Navy and I. He is stationed in Florida at the moment and will be deploying in the first part of next year. Outside of texting, social media is the only other way we are able to talk to each other. If we didn’t have things like Facebook or Snapchat, our communication would be very little to none. It will be especially essential when he deploys and has no access to any communication outside of email. Talking only over the phone and through social media isn’t my favorite but it definitely is better than not talking at all in my opinion.

Aside from personal communication, technology has benefited areas of our lives that we don’t always think of. One major one is the healthcare sector. It has become much easier for doctors and doctor’s offices to get in contact with their patients than ever. Better medical records are kept which helps research and that’s another area that technology has helped. Diseases are more easily researched and tracked. Without the recent advances in healthcare technology, we wouldn’t have the treatments for diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s, and things like that. Even though we don’t have cures for many diseases, health technology is rapidly advancing and who knows, we could have a cure for cancer or auto-immune diseases in the near future.

One of the obvious areas that technology has benefited is in education. Before technology, in order to do research for papers or projects a student had to actually pick up a book like an encyclopedia or scholarly journal to get the information they need. Not so much any more; outside of those crazy professors that want us to actually walk into the library for something other than printing. We are able to just open up our laptops, or phones for that matter, and get the information we need to complete our homework. Not only are we able to access information easily, we are able to learn that information from anywhere at any time.

Yes, technology does have it’s downfalls. It may not be the best way for people to communicate or learn. But, it has made communicating with people a lot easier. It has grown the medical field leaps and bounds in the recent years. It has also made learning and getting information easier than ever before. So even though it may have it’s issues and may do more harm than good in some areas, technology has been a huge help to many people in many different fields and continues to do so.