Do What You Love To Do

Have you ever wondered as you were growing up what you wanted to do with your life? Are you still wanting to do that or steering in a completely direction? When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher. I loved children as I got older and I wanted to teach to them. I got my Associates in elementary education but then I found out that I would have so many obstacles to overcome to get to that point I wanted to be at. I felt as though my dream job was then out of my reach when the years went on by. In the end, I want to do something that makes me happy to do what I love.

Growing up and going through college, I then realized that when I got to Greenville College (now University) I wanted to be part of the digital media department. When I was in high school, I was on the yearbook staff and got to play around with Photoshop and take pictures. Taking pictures really put a spark in me because I knew that I was telling a story through those pictures that I took. That’s when my love for doing digital media was sparked inside of me. Going into college, I started to take more and more pictures throughout my life. As I looked at them, I realized that’s something that I want to try and do with my life after college. On my second year of college, I asked my grandma for a camera for my birthday and I got it. She said that I could have it if I was actually going to use it. I then started to use it and found out that I absolutely love taking pictures.

Some people may ask me why I would want to be a photographer and it’s because I am able to tell stories and share where I have been to others. I learned that I love to take pictures of anything I may come across. I especially love taking pictures on my phone and make it look really nice just like the pictures in the collage to the side. This is something that I truly want to do with my life getting out of college. As much as I truly love working with children, I knew that it was going to be such a long road ahead of me. Some people ask me why I changed my major/career path. They always think that it’s because of the money. That’s not the reason at all! The reason as to why I did that was because it would have been such a hassle to retake the ACT test and I am a terrible test taker. With digital media, it is more hands on learning and that is the way that I love to learn. To me, there are so many reasons to chase after the job that you want to do.

In an article called 11 Reasons Why It’s Important to Follow Your Dreams, it goes through all the reasons as to why you should go after your dreams. When it comes to what you want to do for the rest of your life, do what makes you happy in life. One reason that hit me quite hard was when it said “No one is going to chase them for you.” If you have a dream, you need to be the one to chase them and no one else. I want to be the one who chases my dream because my parents, friends, or family will not chase them for me.  There are reasons as to why people don’t chase their dreams. These are more like excuses as to why they don’t follow their passions and they need to set those aside and pursue them.

Overall, chasing a career with what our passions are will benefit us in the long run. When we are doing something that we love to do, then we will enjoy the job that we decide on. Who knows? Maybe your dream job doesn’t exist and that’s when you can create it. The possibilities are endless when we chase after our dreams!