Not One Dream, But Many

As I get older, the pressure to find my “dream job” only intensifies. People are always seeking to know what I plan to do with my life after college. The problem with this question, however, is that I do not just have one plan or one dream, but many. I am, by definition, a dreamer, and since Digital Media is such a diverse field, it is really no wonder that I have such a plethora of interests.

Example of some well-received photography I’ve done in the past. Media by Maggie Schoepke.

For instance, I enjoy things like illustration and journalism just as much as I do photography. Though the three are entirely different mediums, I still hope to pursue some, if not all, of these subjects in the coming future. I can see myself accomplishing this in a variety of ways. The publishing field and marketing industry would be a good way for me to get my neck out there in the world of writing. Helping with church newsletters, social media, and blogs would ultimately support and prepare me for larger endeavors such as composing my own manuscripts. If at first I can land myself a job at a megachurch or a publishing firm, perhaps I could then pursue my passion for storytelling and sharing insight with others. I do not know what the final outcome of this looks like, but I can foresee myself authoring devotions and/or scripting animations.

While the subject matter of my dream job is certainly a crucial element, atmosphere also plays an important part. I flourish best in settings where I can find comfort. Sometimes this just means working with like-minded individuals who have a good sense of humor and make organization a priority. On other occasions, I have been known to create my best work when provided with a little more freedom. I enjoy the concept of self-employment and the option of bringing my work with me wherever I go. I find success in environments that are both quiet and homey, and I can picture myself making a living from behind my computer at a local coffee shop or out of the comfort of my own home.

“I find success in environments that are both quiet and homey, and I can picture myself making a living from behind my computer at a local coffee shop or out of the comfort of my own home.”

Whether I end up working for a company or more on the freelance side of  things, I ultimately hope to expand my education in one way or another. Input is one of my top strengths, and most who know me can attest to my strong love of learning. One way I hope to pursue this goal is by going back to school and getting my Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) degree. This would provide me the opportunity to not only share my passion for the vernacular, but to also interact with people from opposing cultural perspectives. I love the idea of expanding my knowledge in this way and confronting the challenges that arise in light of differing world views.

By now it should be pretty evident that I am not just envisioning myself in one position for life, but multiple. My dream job is not a dream job at all, but rather a conglomeration of several individual (and often overlapping) interests. This line of thinking stems primarily from my major of interest. Digital Media is all about developing a variety of skills and not being tied down to a single specialty. Diversifying one’s abilities in this way allows individuals the opportunity to be more marketable. Additionally, it guarantees a higher level of satisfaction in a number of differing work places. So next time someone asks me what my dream job is, they better be prepared to hear about all about my fantasies in writing, illustrating, teaching, and more!