Robots May Be Taking Away Jobs In The Future

Do you like the job that you are at? Well it’s a possibility that in a few years that it will take over that job and leave you unemployed. Humans need jobs in order to pay the bills or getting practical stuff like groceries or clothes. Without jobs, we wouldn’t be able to provide for ourselves or our families.

The power of technology has improved so much and it is said that in possibly 30 years that the robots will be taking over most of the jobs in the world. One area that has been taken over by machinery is in the field of farming. Back in the 1800’s, about 80% of the work labor was in the farming area. Now it’s around 2% of people that work with farming. In Martin Ford’s Rise of the Robotshe goes on and explains why he believes that robots will take over jobs. Some of the examples that he gives was: Paralegals, journalists, office workers, and even computer programming. That took me by surprise because I thought that in order for the program to be functional, then you need the programmers to make it work. I will admit that technology has advanced so much but I don’t think it would be great for people if they are replaced by machinery.

Another type of machinery that people think are taking jobs is at Walmart with the self checkouts. I worked at Walmart for 2 1/2 years as a cashier and all would hear people say is “They are taking your job” or “You’ll be out of a job very soon”. If I had a dime for every time that I heard that during my time there. I kept telling them that even with them, we would still need cashiers to help with the machines. In Litchfield, where I used to work, they installed so many new self checkouts. Some of them even had an automatic belt like the normal registers and people loved that. Even with all that, the lines would be backed up. There are older people, my grandpa included, that refuses to use them because they believe that the cashier’s job is being taken away. The comic that I found is showing that you can get through it as quickly as possible but you would still need help from an actual person if sometime were to go wrong. Sometimes you can’t always depend on the machine to work properly and nothing goes wrong. The newer self checkouts now have cameras watching people, hand scanners, and like I mentioned before the automated belts. This is great and all, but there are times that the card readers may not work or it will shut down then you can’t use it at all. When something goes wrong, then the cashier who is watching the self checkouts will come over and fix the problems.

As a digital media major, I feel as though it would be hard for robots or AI’s to take over my job in whatever I decided to do. With DM, we stay creative and robots just can’t develop the create stuff the way that we can. They would have to be able to think the way that we would to design something for a company. Most jobs that are repetitive are a good possibility of being taken away by robotics. Office workers that file papers or anything like that, can easily be replaced. Digital media is always changing and always being creative in that field that it would be hard for robotics to take away that.

Like I thought in Walmart with the self checkouts, robots and AI’s won’t be taking every job away in this world. If the job is repetitive then I can see it like the office workers or even housekeeping. With my field in digital media, I don’t worry as much because robots can’t be as creative when it comes to serving a client. As I said before, it could be 30 years before robots truly take over the majority of jobs.