The Future of Healthcare Tech

The future of technology is always changing. People are coming up with all kinds of new ideas and ways to improve our lives. Possibly one of the best ways the advance in technology will benefit us as a society is within the healthcare sector.

Today, there are very beneficial machines that healthcare workers are using to make things like surgery go much more smoothly. There are plans in the making for much more technology that will allow for better precision and accuracy in surgeries and diagnoses. Some of the ones that I’ve found that I believe will be very successful are things like health sensors, augmented reality models, surgical robots, exoskeletons or bionic limbs, and nanorobots within the bloodstream.

Health sensors are coming up quickly in the realm of health-tech. There is already work being done on things like insulin monitors that are about to change the world. The beginning of this could be something along the lines of smart insulin. This drug would be injected into the patient’s blood stream and would detect when the person’s blood sugar rises so it can release the needed amount of insulin. This would cut down on the number of insulin shots needed and the risk of not being able to gauge what the blood sugar will do after a meal. A medicine like this could be a life saver for many struggling with diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Augmented reality isn’t just for Pokémon any more. Scientists are trying to integrate it into healthcare as well from teaching to real life situations. Possibly the first place it will be implemented is in the classroom. Instructors can be performing a live procedure on a patient and AR will be able to project that image to the students from wherever they are. It not only gives a new perspective to learning but also makes learning more accessible to students and professors.

Robotic technology has already been implemented in some areas of healthcare with the main ones being in surgery. Robots like STAR (smart tissue autonomous robot) are in the works to be used for tedious, time consuming surgeries like soft tissue repairs. The creators are even saying that it can be programmed to run autonomously  in the future. Along with that, there is another AR machine, called AccuVein, that projects an image of the person’s veins onto their arm so the nurse is able to find them more easily. This is a machine that is being used currently, but I think they will end up using it more efficiently and in different ways in the future.

Unfortunately, one of the things we have to live with in our world is people being without limbs. Thankfully, there are some very intelligent people that are working on making artificial limbs more functional and are even going as far as to have them mind controlled! I’m sure many people with a prosthetic limb are grateful for it, but they aren’t very functional outside of aesthetics or just being a support. With the invention and mass production of things like bionic limbs, struggling with a prosthetic will be a thing of the past. With these limbs, scientists will make computers that interpret brain signals into motor functions. The person won’t even need to consciously think about moving the limb because it will work like your other limbs. This is just another one of the many ways technology advances in the healthcare sector will improve the quality of life for people.

Some of these things are far off in the future, but they’re still something to look forward to. But, many of them are in the works today being improved upon. Before we know it, these will be common place and the things that we have to worry about now will be no more. So bring on the changes in health technology and lets see some lives changed.