What is a Dream Job?

Part of the idea of living the American Dream is having a Dream Job, wouldn’t you agree? Heads up! The reality of accepting that position might be harder than it seems. It might not even exist. “We are told we can ‘be anything we want to be when we grow up’. When we go to pick that college major though, the question changes from ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ to ‘how are you going to make a living’.”

A few years ago I wrote a post called Passionate Eyes on my blog Rising Above. It was centered around my dream job to work as a Graphic Designer for the magazine company Focus on the Family in Colorado. As the years have gone on, events occurring in my life seem to be adding up to this dream job I feel I’m called to—like I’m a step closer. Who knows what’s in store for me?

I believe there is such thing as a dream job, but it’s our interpretations of what we want our job to entail. What are we looking for in that ideal dream job anyways? For some: “What makes a great job a great job involves a host of variables that all happen to align at once — a healthy work environment, collegial co-workers, competent management, interesting work, etc.” A dream job for me personally would be able to have access to great employee benefits. I want to be able to use my God-given gifts and talents to excel in what I love to do. A huge blessing would be to work in a Christian environment that involves community not only in the workplace but outside making lifelong memories.

After completing two years of a summer internship, I went back to the drawing table to rethink some of my dream job qualifications. My internship was in a Non-Christian environment and yet I was able to be a light for God through my talk and actions. I was blessed to be surrounded and meet hard-working employees, but also genuinely caring people. I’ve come to the conclusion that God will provide for my all my needs—He already has. He knows me the best and it just took some reflection to be reminded: it’s not always about me, myself, and I. More of Jesus and less of me.

When we think we’ve got a sign or idea of our calling in life we go forth to make accomplishments such as working our dream job and feel as though ‘we made it’. We get so discouraged when our expectations don’t reach reality because we put too much emphasis on our own selfish worldly dreams. Life is a journey and it may take years to arrive at a destination. I believe no matter where we go, we don’t go alone and it’s so much more satisfying trusting in God’s plan even when we don’t understand when things aren’t going our way.

A book called Live Love Lead by Brian Houston says:”“When we allow our fears and insecurities to blind us momentarily, we’re often tempted to make the gate narrower than God does. But don’t be disheartened. God will always lift us up and sustain us if we’re willing. He’s promised never to leave us or abandon us on our journey— he’s with us for the long haul.”

Our dream jobs are just jobs with our own descriptions of what would make us comfortable. Life isn’t about being comfortable, especially as Christians we weren’t promised an easy life. We are meant to feel uncomfortable and face hardships because that means God is changing us as we allow Him to work. There’s nothing wrong with me dreaming of working for a magazine company in Colorado, but there comes a time reality sinks in and if faith is important to you like it is for me, God will use us in ways we won’t even see coming.