God and Technology: The Good & Bad

“Technology is neither good or bad—it is what you do with it that makes all the difference.”

This is a concept that has been explored and agreed upon by many individuals. Like any inherently neutral thing God has placed on this earth, technology is simply a tool by which we can use to either glorify Him or stray further away. To more fully understand technology and all it has to offer, one must first define it. Oxford Dictionaries defines the term as follows, “Machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge.” Through this definition technology can encompass a wide variety of interpretations, being anything from simple tools such as forks and spoons to software and systems. For the purpose of this article, I will mostly refer to technology as anything related to the electronic industry.

Information at our fingertips.

Since the invention of this type of modern technology, humanity has been introduced to a new way of looking at things. Information is at our fingertips and many essential needs can be met with the simple click of a button. Technology has also led to human interaction simultaneously growing closer together and straying apart. Communication is made more efficiently, but conversations held at face value have been diminished drastically. With all the pros and cons of cell phones, computers, and tablets, one might begin to wonder where God fits in.

The simple answer is that He is everywhere. God is working through the positive tweets you see in your feed as well as through the Bible verses you have pinned to your Quotes Board on Pinterest. He can be found on Youtube in online sermons and in the books waiting to be purchased in your Amazon cart. Technology has helped advance His Kingdom in ways many individuals do not even realize, and God is at work still to make sure that the Good News is communicated and dispersed throughout throughout the vast expanse of this world. Whether it be through Christian or non-religious media, the internet often points to Something Greater, bringing light and hope to society at large.

Despite all the elements of technology out there that are being used to praise His precious name, there are many which do quite the opposite. Just as the internet has brought encouragement and promise to long-lost individuals, it has also led quite a deal astray from Christ and more in touch with the pleasures of this world. Lies are just as widespread if not more than the truth, and often it is hard to distinguish one from the other. With the advancement in technology, so is the advancement of consumption. Many elements of the internet has led people to be greater enslaved to sins such as sloth, greed, and lust. Technology might make our lives easier, but if we are not careful with it, it can certainly make humanity more lazy. As also indicated, internet buying and the porn industry have additionally encouraged over spending and sexual immorality—all of which continue to bridge gaps between us and God.

Thankfully, because of the cross, Christ has overcome, and we can too if we look to Him. Technology often serves as a temptation, but it can be a tool if examined carefully and chosen wisely. Setting our eyes on Jesus and using him as a moral compass can help us navigate the  internet and bring us closer to Him than ever before. So next time you find yourself or others being overly concerned or cautious about technology consider the many benefits it has to offer and for Christ’s calling in all that is out there.