Is Technology the New God in Our Lives?

Have you ever thought about if you have ever idolized the tech that you have in your hands? Well, technology such as cell phones, TV, and even the Internet has been taking the place of God especially with the millennials. I feel as though we have always have our eyes and minds always focusing on the technology that we have in our lives.

Cell phones are the biggest part of technology that I feel as though is taking an idolized place in our world and lives. As I have stated in a past blog, we are always on our cell phones 24/7. I feel like this is true with people in my generation and younger. Older people have been getting into using smart phones, but there are still many elders that do not use them. They would rather stay with the phones such as the flip phone or the sliding phones. The younger generation have grown up with phones and other tech that has taken over the world due to the popularity. In my experience, I have been known for always being on some sort of tech every day since I’ve gotten my first phone, more specifically a smart phone. My first phone was one of those small Firefly phones. With those, the only thing I could do was have a few contacts and I could only call. It was a boring phone but I had it in case my parents needed me or I needed them. Since then, I have been very fortunate to have a smart phone that I could check Facebook or text someone if I need them. I know that I have been on my phone all the time and that is not always the best thing. I say this because I will be on a date with my boyfriend and both of us would be on our phones. I feel like the phone is a “god” in some ways because people idolize it.

Just like the phone, the TV and pop culture are others that the world idolizes. In my core class for the semester, we are talking about how people do tend to idolize pop culture and what it perceives different things as. Shows such as reality shows for the adults and cartoons for the kids are a way that we have been brainwashed to think that we need that in our lives. It amazes me how much that people tend to “worship” TV and pop culture. We all have grown up to where we have the television and want to see what is on. Some kids idolize a famous character from their favorite television show and that’s all they want in their lives. I mean, kids that do not go to church don’t know that our God is a jealous one. He doesn’t want anything to be put above him at all. I know that I have been guilty and I’m sure many other Christians have had the same struggles. Television will always be around and it makes people think that we need to always believe what may be on the screen. Same goes when it comes to the Internet. The Internet has been around for a long time and people want to go on and see what the latest news is. This is another form of idolization people have instead of God.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be on your phone or watch TV/pop culture. I’m saying that in my perspective as a Christian, that I know that I haven’t been putting God first at many instances. Sometimes, I just need to learn that I need to get away from the phone or computer and just do something else. People have always had their faces glued to a screen of some sort and I think that it is slowly becoming a new “God” in this world. With every single part of tech, it is not a part of our body. It’s something that we can cut off because we don’t always need it. It’s nice to just get away for a while, enjoy some time to ourselves or even just with those we love. Overall, I believe that we shouldn’t idolize another “god” besides the one true God.