What Is “The Confession”?

I recently went to the Chicago International Film Festival last month from October 15-17. This was a unique experience since it was my first time going up to the Windy City. We went to see a few of the films that they were screening for two week long event. I got to see many films such as: Before Summer Ends, The Cakemaker, The Confession, and Never Here. The one that I’m going to review is “The Confession”.

The director of this film was Zaza Urushadze and he had also directed a film called “Tangerines”. What I found interesting about him was that his daughter was a director of one of the films that was also played at the film festival: Scary Mother. The film starts out with a priest that was coming to a village whose priest had passed away. The priest’s name is Gorgi and he has an assistant named Valiko. They both come and live in the priest’s house and need to make sure that the church grows. Father Gorgi was a filmmaker turned to priest, so he and his assistant decides to show films one day in the week for the community to come and watch. The first film that they watched was “Some Like it Hot. Afterwards one of the men in the crowd stated that the music teacher, Lili, looked almost like Marilyn Monroe. She really does when she makes her first appearance in the movie. She decided to come and then Gorgi invited her to come to the services and when one of the servants had a family problem, she filled in that position.

Later in the film, Father Gorgi started a confession area. This was where people could come at a certain time and confess to him and he would give them forgiveness. One day, there is a young teenage boy that comes up and says about Lili beating him with a ruler when he was playing a note wrong. Gorgi then had Lili come up at some point and she starts confessing about how she lost her husband and some other family members. This goes on for a bit and as Father Gorgi was taking a walk at night, he came across Lili who was sitting on the steps at her house. He did this for a while because she was sick and he was making sure that she was okay. Unlike some of the other guys that may have fallen for her looks, Gorgi wasn’t falling into that trap.

Later on, Lili would confess about the young boy that I mentioned earlier would touch her inappropriately. He then meets up with the boy later on and he would then ask him if he did that. The boy would say that he did and that Lili wasn’t all sweet and innocent that she was trying to be. Gorgi asked the teenager if he owned a phone and this was to record his piano session that next day. He was at a funeral and there the boy was with the recording. Gorgi was disgusted as to what he heard Lili saying on the recording and went to confront her. He was at her place and she had changed into the black dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in “Some Like It Hot”. After telling him that he was wrong to accuse her, she pulled his head to his chest and he basically told her he wasn’t interested. Then the climax of the movie showed. She ripped her dress, messed up her hair and makeup then went outside and accused Gorgi of raping her. He then leaves the village with Valiko after everything has happened and that’s how the movie ends.

This to me was an interesting film overall. I thought that it was calming and great throughout the whole film. I was surprised when the ending came. I kinda figured at some point that Lili wasn’t all sweet that people made her out to be. There was something fishy about her character at some point and I honestly can’t remember what about her it was. Overall, I feel as though it was a great calm film at first then turned surprising at the end.