Can Music Help You With Your Productivity?

When you are in the middle of doing homework or prepping a presentation, what do you normally do? Do you tend to listen to music? What music is the best for working on things? Currently as I am writing this, I am listening to music on my Pandora radio station. I found that it helps me out tremendously as I work because it makes the time working more enjoyable. It is my way to escape the outside world of stress and busyness. However, could it be helping or hinder myself from getting things done. If you want to, you can listen to playlist that I have found on YouTube as you read this. This is the type of music that I tend to listen to a lot, anyways, let’s get started!

I find that when I work on a boring paper or assignment for a class, I can’t keep my mind focused as I am working on it. I look over to my phone and open up Pandora radio then listen to some of the great jams that I have on there. I have stations from country to pop to even the thumbprint radio that takes all the songs I’ve liked into one station. These are great for me then it makes it more fun for me and I feel like that I get things done quicker. One person goes into detail as to how they think it’ll help and how it doesn’t.¬†They go on and say that music does make it enjoyable but if it has some lyrics in it, it may be a bit distracting. I have found that I do sometimes get off focused when I listen to words in a song and jam out in my room. There are however some types of music that they say would be better when you are doing homework or studying which I will talk about soon. They also say that when you listen to music that you know and are familiar to you. This is because you know what will happen next in the song and don’t have to really listen closely into the lyrics. I know that I tend to do this because then I already know the songs and the reason as to why I made a thumbprint station on Pandora.

Now when it comes to picking the music, how should you go about when it comes to picking the songs? Well, according to Business Insider, there are many different great types in order to better your productivity. According to science, some of the music that you should listen to is the following: Nature, songs that you enjoy, songs with no lyrics, those with a certain tempo and finally music that is played at a medium volume. Now I know that most people tend to love songs with deep meanings and at a loud volume but this could be stopping them from doing that. I know that I am guilty of doing this at times and it’s also because it helps me de-stress. However, they say that lyrics will be something that causes a distraction from actually getting the work done. When it comes to the topic of songs that I don’t personally care for, it would be something like classical music or anything like that. I had a class at Lake Land that all we did was listen to the classical music and I didn’t care for it too much. Nature music is supposed to be very calming to people to get their minds cleared and everything. The warm and relaxing noise of waterfalls or a rain forest are great for making yourself calm and your mind clear. However, they say that sometimes silence is the best type of music. For me, I absolutely HATE the silence. I cannot be in a quiet room for too long or else I feel like I am going crazy. I know people love silence but I am certainly not one of those people. There are so many different types of music and there are tips and tricks when it comes to what to play when you are working on a project or a lot of homework.

Music is definitely a way for people to get away and escape this world and go into a world of their own. For me, I do this all the time when I am doing homework. The type of music all depends on the person. As I said before, I listen to country and pop. I have friends that listen to Gregorian chants, rap and other types. I believe that it can help with productivity since it can make the activity enjoyable.