The Story

The year is 2250 and artificial intelligence has grown so much that Earth is partially inhabited by functioning robots. Our story takes place on an island that is completely settled by civilized robots. The bots have upgraded enough to realize there is something missing in their programming. The way humans think, without an algorithm, is very useful and intriguing to the robot community. There is something about humans that makes them special that cannot be recreated. The bots value these traits and decide they need a human leader. They create humanity.exe to find the person human to lead them.

The Game

HUMANITY.EXE is an interactive party game. A computer will act as the host and players can play on their phone or tablet. The purpose of the game is to be chosen as the human leader of the AI community. Testing participant’s strategies, skills, and abilities, HUMANITY.EXE will find the best human match for their island. Who has what it takes?

The Team

Peter Binder: Project Lead & System Developer
Mitch Thompson: Game Designer & Creative Specialist
Kayla Morton: Graphic Designer & Front-End Developer
Devin Chaney: Sound Designer & Audio Engineer

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