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The Story:

Set in a universe where conquest is permitted but only through gladiator battles fought by each galaxy’s best and most brutal technological creation: their galaxy bots. In pursuit of the rare element known as Vulnera, only found in the galaxy of Vulnus, the overpowered and wealthy galaxy Praedo has turned to conquest. Praedo possesses an army of bots larger and stronger than any other galaxy. Vulnus being the poor galaxy that it is and vowing to preserve the Vulnera mines on their capital planet, Vulnera has no way to fund an army. In a moment of desperation, the galaxy decides to use the Vulnera they swore to preserve and protect to create a galaxy bot. This galaxy bot is one that has never been seen before and possesses a strong resiliency. But the question remains, will it be enough to withstand the whole army of Praedo. This is Vulnus’s last stand, can they survive?


The Team:

Johnny Milabu – Project Manager/Story Developer

Cameron Privett – Lead Developer

Daniel Saeli –  Audio Engineer/Analyst/Product Manager

Joseph Jeralds– Level Designer/Focus Group Manager

Damien Cantrel – Bot Designer

Maggie Schoepke – Graphic Designer


Contest High Scores

1. Grace Wickham – 60 points*

2.Matt Bernico – 51 points*

3. Cameron Privett – 42 points*


Game Reviews:


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Game Instructions:

W – Move Forward

A – Rotate Left

S – Move Backward

D – Rotate Right