“All Yo Info” We are a group of programming students who were given the option to make whatever we wanted to. We decided to come up with a solution for all of the irrelevant emails students receive on a daily basis. We also helped make your life and schedule easier by giving you the option of what information you want emailed to you everyday. Simply pick what you want in the email and you will receive that email daily. Hopefully you’ll enjoy less emails!


Our team consists of Isaac Warren, Joey Clinton, Ryan Rakers, and Matthew Stoddard. At the beginning of the project we had a very clear understanding of what we wanted out of this project. We knew it was going to a fun and challenging task. We set out to web-scrape from sources like campus Facebook pages, campus Twitter pages, Greenvillle Events Calendar, All sports schedules, and a few more. Our goal is to give the subscribers the option to choose exactly what information they want, while eliminating the irrelevant stuff that they do not want. Once the users choose which information they want daily, our job is to format all of that information in an aesthetically pleasing fashion inside an email. A script was created that will automatically send that email at the same time everyday.


We ran into a couple of problems during this project. We were required to buy a new domain because php would not launch on our original platform. We named the new domain and got that fixed. The big problem we ran into is when the Cambridge Analytica trials with Facebook happened, and led to Facebook changing their API and prevented anyone from accessing most of the elements that we were pulling for our project. Instagram has the same problems, since they are owned by Facebook. We decided to move on from Facebook and continue using a lot of Twitter pages, websites, etc. The last of our issues was that our website wass not establishing the correct connection with the database. Our entire project worked locally and offline. The server was just refusing to connect. But, we decided to migrate everything to a new domain and server. We then changed config settings to specifically work for our project. Luckily, that solved our problem!


Isaac Warren- Project Manager/Front End Development

Joey Clinton- Back End Development/Hosting

Ryan Rakers- Design/Format/Gathering Sources

Matthew Stoddard- Design/Layout