When perceiving different types of people at first sight, many thoughts comes to mind based on their appearance or how they approach things. It happens to all of us without hesitation, the judgmental side of us come out and make unpredictable expectations on people by stereotyping them. Making our predications it can lead to detrimental effects on how you have a sentimental view on others, which this leads to the archetypes. 

In archetypes, it has an indistinguishable meaning to stereotype but quiet. There are people that are different but share the same attributes, which this helps differ from one another in this case. As for examples in my existence that puts this chapter in use, is that I always thought what’s the difference between the nerds and the geeks? I always pictured the geeks not able to have the knowledge of how things work, or how to fix a problem that is being issued. Like they are the “know it all” people. But that is a stereotypical thing. But I know a geek that knows a lot about things that I didn’t know about and how to keep the issues from repeating itself. As for nerds I knew they were highly intelligent people, but there’s things they don’t have knowledge for. But they both have the same obsession for them same similarities. 

The fact of archetype can be used in many things like in sports, certain people, or ethnicity. For me, it’s like people have that mindset that I’m an irreverent hateful person due to my appearance. Like yeah, I understand that I enjoy working out, but people are too quick to judge. Like they think to themselves or to their friends “oh this guy right here is jerk” but in the vulgar way. It’s an archetype because of issues they dealt with in the past or what they think I might be as a person. As for fitness people they have an archetype that people expect to have but not all share the similarities. There’re powerlifters, those are the people who work out with heavy weight to gain the strength they want. Also, they have the archetype of people saying “yeah he takes steroids” when they don’t understand the hard-quality time those types of people put in to be as strong as they are or how they look. Due to bodybuilder that do take steroids, they spend quality time in the gym as well. The issue to the people that go to the gym is, that they are getting mixed with the whole fitness group of people of those whose have muscle. Which is a huge archetype as it for the geeks the nerds. 

Gym Buddies!

In other ways theirs the stereotypes like for instance, the person who make noises to get attention they want, the person who loves themselves to much by posing in front of the mirror after every lift, the person who things he runs the gym just because they are the biggest in the building, or the spectator which is the person who pretends they are doing something but there doing nothing but watch others. In my beliefs our society is made up of stereotypes and archetypes. Not only the geeks and the nerds get mixed up or the confusion they both have, but other groups have them as well. In spite of sports having similarities, it can be people themselves acting like someone but differently. in this chapter it was greatly introduced to understanding the fundamentals of the differences of the stereotypes and the archetypes to be recognized.