Geeks are Archetypes


Chris Mcgee

Prof. Deloy

Blog 1

Archetypes, Not stereotypes

  Most people think that geeks are outcasts and unknown from the world. Never wanting to talk to anyone and always having their eyes locked on to a computer. The meaning of geek An expert or enthusiast in an analytical field such as computer or engineering. At one time considered an insult, it has become a badge of honor for technical people.

People to my understanding think that geek would mostly just pick anything and everything from their closet or their dresser and just put whatever they find on.With high pants and skirts, socks to their knees and a button up shirts to the main part is the glasses that they wear on their faces.Sometimes even wearing tape on them to keep the glasses from falling apart and that really don’t that you are one. That mean you don’t have the time as other would have on the day to day. If they was sitting in front of a computer doing some to learn about or to better their understanding about some they would have the time either.They would want to focus on something that they are good at  doing thinks that they would others wouldn’t normally do, because it what they love to do. And as a person some should understand that and should treat them the same., This link show how many people think how geeks are even non geeks. Some think that if you are a geek you don’t play any sport you alway have you nose in a book and never social. And I can tell that is wrong I know many people that are in sport and are also smart are they geeks. Some before you start to talk about people to see if they are a geek or just someone that is smart.  This a video that would show you the difference of a geek in this world. People today would say that a geek and nerds are the same thing and in reality they aren’t. Nerd are mostly involved in comics and memes or making memes for people to laugh at. And movies or even anime or even dress up in their favorite character from that anime.  They are more likely to talk to people than a geek would be, but that still don’t mean that a geek don’t like to talk to people they are like I said just don’t have time humans interaction. Because they are so into their work what time would have to have friends if you would ever want to know if you are a Geek you should go to this website you would see the signs that you are a geek. In a way you just don’t know it yet . Like one of the questions says are you loyal to, Are You Incredibly Loyal To What You Love? And to most people the question would yes, because everyone love doing what they do best if it’s playing a gaming console or being on their laptop or phone. We are all geeks in a way. So stop taking people difference in account of them being a geek, because it makes differences understandable instead of threatening.

So as you can see that if you are a geek you are not an outcast you are something new for the world to understand it just take time, because inside we are all the same and shouldn’t be treated different.