Planet of the Geeks

17% of Americans willingly admit to being geeks! The word geek can sound very stereotypical and most people probably associate it with being some sort of wizard when it comes to certain technologies. However, the word geek holds much more to its name. One definition of the word refers to being an expert or enthusiast, especially in the field of technology. Though, every activity can have geeks. Many people consider themselves geeks when it comes to certain activities. I, myself, consider myself a golf and bowling geek. Depending on the season, I live for these activities. I am more enthusiastic about them than any other single concept in the world. How does one know when they are a geek though, and how do true geeks act?

Stereotypical Geek Comparison

When it comes to the geek diagnosis, there are many signs one can use for proper diagnosis. The first sign of being a geek is when you are extremely loyal to what you love to do. Geeks are incredibly devoted to doing whatever it is that interests them and they put it above most all other attractions. Another sign is if you set yourself on a different level than the rest. Geeks usually only like the company of those who share a similar passion and may feel a tad uncomfortable around the “basic” human being. You may be a geek if you have a full fledged need to know just about everything. They need to know everything about their passion. No stone is left unturned by a true geek. Another sign of being a geek is when you take extreme pride in your passion and focus very hard on the task at hand. Geeks take passion seriously and do not let many people get in the way of them. Finally, geeks are incredibly persistent, they stick to it until the end. Giving up is not in a true geek’s vocabulary.


Now, a geek is just one archetype in the world. There are so many more! One that is constantly misconceived with geek is that of the nerd. There is a fine line of difference between geeks and nerds. In the social aspect, nerds are outcasted way more than geeks. Nerds lack the social skills that geeks somewhat have and they are usually unable to interact without being very uncomfortable to be around. Nerds are also extremely dedicated to what they do. Geeks as well as nerds have passions, but a geeks passion does not usually keep he or she from showering for a few days. Attire is also a big difference. Geeks usually wear more hipster like clothing and change it up on the daily. Nerds however usually wear the same outfit everyday, and I am sure you can picture what said outfit contains. On a side note, there is one major similarity between the two. They both have a rebel like attitude. Both will be straight up with you and let you know that you are probably wrong about, well, just about everything.

Conclusively, I believe that there are many geeks in the world. They may have different passions, but they are still considered geeks whether they admit to it or not. as stated earlier, I am a geek when it comes to bowling and golf. they are my true passions and I fully devote myself to them. being a geek is all about expressing enthusiasm towards what it is that you love. Keep in mind though that geeks differ from nerds. I will end this blog with two questions for you to ponder. Do you consider yourself a geek about something? Seeing as how there are many different archetypes in the world, what do you consider yourself?