The Geek Archetype

Ok, so we need to ask ourselves something here…. What do we think about when we think of the term “geek”, or even “Nerd?” There are A Lot of assumptions made with this term and most of them come from movies, both present and new movies. Usually we think of a very technologically advanced person, or one who is not a good people person, and can’t deal with the emotions that are shown from others. All around, we think of just very awkward people that can’t dress very well or don’t fit in with our society. This is, however, not the case.

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“Geek” is a slang term, or nickname, defined as “An expert or enthusiast in an analytical field such as computers or engineering. At one time considered an insult, it has become a badge of honor for technical people.” To put into perspective what a Geek, or a nerd (either could work in most, if not all, situations that would be described) looks like, or the way they could act like, look at any of the people that work in an I.T. Department. Do you have a problem with your computer and/or laptop? Take it to the people that work in an I.T. Department and they will help you out and fix your technology. They might make fun of you because of your lack f good skills with technology, but that usually comes with the trade. This is just one example of where the term “Geek” appears to the public and is used quite frequently, and is a great example of what a geek can really be. Geek has gone from being an insult back in the day, especially in movies like Revenge of the Nerds and Weird Science, where being a Nerd or Geek is looked down upon, because they can’t get girls or they can’t communicate to defend themselves. Now, they have moved to being basically a group of people looked up to because of their knowledge and skills with different kinds of technology, and now, the not so technically advanced people rely on them when our devices and other equipment break or crash. This definition is yet again a stereotype and generalization. Not all people affiliated with computers enjoy being analytical in their field, and in the same way people who like to be analytical don’t always want to work with computers. You can look at it like there is a spectrum of “Geeks”. Every geek is different, but every geek is still considered a geek. To figure out where people are on the geeky spectrum, we need to first consider their archetypes. Stereotypes are what people consider every member of a group of people to be, whereas archetypes are what people have learned about each and every individual member of a group. Archetypes can help you understand people, especially Geeks. When we begin to use archetypes over stereotypes, we can get into a better mindset and learn how, in this particular scenario, to go about being around and communicating with Geeks, or Nerds, in the most proper manner. This way, we, the not so techy people of the world, know how to approach different situations with them, while having an understanding that, hey, this person speaks more of a computer English, than they do a street English, and that you should probably speak more proper than not. getting to know your archetypes with Geeks and Nerds just helps everything run more smoothly and will help you not get into a bad situation with them by using a stereotype instead.