Geeks. The I.T. techy people that the not so techy people love to avoid. The people that hate being in a conference or a meeting with those that are not of the data based programming addicts like them. It’s a fight just waiting to happen between the two in the workplace. Geeks are sought out to be the people that are hated because they are shut up basically by their coworkers, friends, family, and so on.  Non Geeky people want to hear their opinion and are given facts and what not instead. The two groups are from complete opposite spectrum of the world, but the catch is, of course that they Do Not Get Along in all worlds, especially the workplace. The book The Geek Leader’s Handbook explains it to be like a constant battle between the two groups of people on different ideas, how to complete them and so on.

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No one really stops to think “hey…. We should think about what they are saying in a different context….”. That’s the majority of the problem is how the two very different groups think. The way that geeks think that is different from everyone else is that they think like how a program would run. Their brain runs of data and acts as though it is a program. A Geeks way of seeing a new idea go into place is solving it like a math equation, which to be honest is an amazing way of going about working out a new idea for a business.

If only it were that simple… The one thing that gets in the way of the Geeks and the Non Geeks when it comes to making a possible idea a reality is the communication skill is severely undeveloped. The Geeks are trying to be logical and the Non Geeks are trying to understand, however think that the Geeks are coming off as very rude and condescending.  Mac Slocum did an interview on Michael Lopp, an author and a blogger of being a Geek. Lopp says that one of the biggest things that gets in the way is, in fact, the communication, specifically, the specificity. Lopp says that the Non Geeky people of the world want one answer, and with the way a Geek thinks, they are going to give a different version of the answer than what was wanted. That is when things get a little messy for everyone in the business. Also, that is where you would almost think that they all just need group therapy to get over all of the issues that happens when the communication starts taking place. You just want to quote Rodney King and say “Can’t we just get along?”

On the bright side, Michael Lopp stated in his interview a remedy to the issue that Geeks and Non Geeks face when trying to figure out how to make ideas a reality. Lopp states that you just have to know your audience. I think that this is a good ideal for everyone in the business world to go by, but in this case, it is a great remedy for the Geeks and the Non Geeks to keep in mind and practice. This moto, if you will, would help just about any kind of communication between people in the workplace get along and better understand what is trying to be said. The confusion and the frustration that everyone carries with them would be gone, and it would be a happier work environment without a fight every time someone asks one of the Geeks about what they think about this idea, or how long it would take to get this done, or can you program this fro this idea? Will this idea of trying to understand the audience that either the Geek is faced with, or the Non Geek, who knows. However, I think that no matter what we all try to do to work  it out, there will always be some form of conflict between the two groups.