advance your career

In the process of starting your career, lots of people would think its ok to settle just because they got their job they’ve wanted. In the past of all the knowledge you have retain from going through experiences can reflect on what you can do in that special career. Most people don’t understand how they can help their future on focusing what is really important that can make the career more satisfying. In careers today, there is a lot of job opportunities that can help build more of a background to improve their knowledge to better themselves on future careers. As so, every career has a variety of skills. In those skills they can be developed with time and effort put into learning. For geeks they believe they have more of a chance to get better jobs or get a raise because of their knowledge they tend to have more experience or information. before determining on the route, you are going to take to your career, you need to identify yourself of who are you?  After identifying yourself, take another step into depth to think the connections between the wants you have in yourself and the rational goals you have within. 

It is very eye opening to believe in the book which states “If you want a great career, you’re going to have to create it for yourself” meaning, to have a successful career it would lead to a lot of benefits, with real profitable opportunities. In a world we live in it is governed by the social medias, and the money. In the improvement of working to the top will improve the quality of your life. Being aware of the thoughts within yourself can create the strength, the disadvantage you have, and the desire. key for notifying the essentials is awareness.  Having awareness is important to have a leverage to the knowledge to your purposes and your wisdom. 

Being in a network is a huge help to get more opportunities and the connections to prosper yourself. Like in the first paragraph I explained about how getting knowledge from other can help give you more of an advantage. Like Deloy explained in class having connection can give you more of a advantage to better your career. Using FacebooktwitterLinkedIn, can lead to a lot of opportunities as long with career choices. 

By being able to build a successful career will take time by being patience, and effort. Like this guy once told me when I started to become for into fitness he told “the more you put into something, the more you’re going to get out of it. in conclusion, everything takes courage and the will of commitment you have. In order to follow the things you are aiming for and what it will take to get to it.