Advancement with Your Boss and Life

You landed your dream job “Yes!” A monologue that most individuals would have when they get this exciting news. But there is something amidst this new development that you have to think about. Even though this door just opened, what about the future? How do you develop your career further than this simple entry level position? One gateway to this would be learning about your boss, or whoever is above you. Getting a promotion, new experience, or having a fortuitous relationship can bring you closer to a more fulfilling career.

“It’s ironic, but the best way to get promoted is to make your boss’ job easier. And the best way to do that is to make his or her job obsolete.” (Young Entrepreneur Council) This is definitely a way to get up the ladder. This works well when you are in a company like walmart, even at a simple store job. If you help to make the assistant manager’s job easier then it shows you can take on bigger tasks. Ask for more jobs to do, learn how different departments work, this is the easiest way to get promoted to an assistant manager or even a co manager! To become a store manager you have to have an idea how each and every department works and interacts with each other. So even if the workload can be tough you just have to stick with it and promotions shall come.

Just like it was talked about a little earlier acquiring new skills can bring many more options to the table when it comes to Advancement. Kline says, “This isn’t something small like learning how the boss likes her coffee, or even something bigger like improving your understanding of Excel, Word or whatever software your office uses. Instead, this is an opportunity to really get better at something that’s marketable and/or that makes you a better employee.” Becoming more marketable will enable you to branch your skills outside the realm of your job. This can enable you the opportunity to freelance, commission, or outsource your work to others giving you a wider array of skills to place on your resume. I personally love to learn things. Taking a bunch of technical classes along with design kind of forces you to reach out of your comfort zone and learn. Being self taught to a foundational curriculum gives me just the right amount of guidance to enhance my learning experience.

Relationships are important, and no we are not talking with a significant other, we are talking about the relationships with all the different people around you. Coworkers, the man on the street, colleagues, and friends are just some of the people we interact with on a daily basis. Now we all get stressed, right? Well the University of Minnesota found that The support offered by a caring friend can provide a buffer against the effects of stress. In a study of over 100 people, researchers found that people who completed a stressful task experienced a faster recovery when they were reminded of people with whom they had strong relationships. Stressful situations can bring us to our knees or closer to our friends, it is just how you choose to deal with it.

Three aspects, promotion, experience, and relationships can bring joy and new feelings about life. They can also provide you with the knowledge to succeed in your new found job. Using these skills you have the chance to climb higher in the ladder and hopefully someday you can be seated where your boss is now. Just keep in mind that being a good person who is willing to keep learning is always the best way to show you want to grow.