Advancing your career

The future of Geeks Careers are just going to go up with the technology that every company owns and are seeking to buy.  So the careers for geeks are just going to rise and with the rise in jobs comes more manager positions. With more manger positions where will you fall on the path higher on the ladder to being a manager or lower? How you advance your career is up to you but I personally don’t what to stay at the bottom of the ladder I want to be at the top looking out over the business.  How often have your heard people say “I plan to lose 25 pounds this year,” but come December their weight hasn’t changed? Goals prefaced by “I should” rather than “I want” are generally doomed to failure. When you begin to set goals to help advance your career, try testing their viability using the RUMBA method: Each goal should be Reasonable, Understandable, Measurable, Behavioral and Agreed upon. Meeting only the first four conditions isn’t enough. You and everyone involved with your goal must genuinely agree it’s a great idea, or a lack of enthusiasm will cause it to die sooner or later. Trust your gut because it is probably correct.

Seize the responsibility for your own career advancement. Don’t waste valuable time hoping for the best, or waiting for your company to notice that you’re doing high-quality work and shower you with riches and promotions. Chart a career path, and make your management your partners in working to advance your career. Building your contacts is very important in the business world in order to advance your career, yet another thing which you ought to do is try and build a strong professional network. Be open and friendly and try to get to know as many people as you can. Develop a set of close friends in your career field where some can serve as mentors or guides in order to help and assist you when you are in trouble and are faced with such a situation when you do not know what to do.

Sometimes “Faking it” is good to get you into a company but once there you should get to know the things that are key for your survival within the company. “Faking it” Refers instead to those occasional lapses of self-confidence we experience when faced with a challenging project. Self-doubt can grow in you like “Can I really pull this off?” “Am I good enough to do this job?” If you find yourself suffering from a crisis of confidence, remember that positive behavior can easily overtake negativity and pull you out of your rut. And your behavior is what others see, not what you’re feeling on the inside. Have to give a presentation and scared that you don’t know what you’re doing? Use your nerves an extra source of energy so you seem even more engaging. Fear and stress can be your allies if you channel them effectively.