Advancing Your Career

Advancing ones career… when most people think of that, or at least when I do, the mind wonders to those articles that talk about the X amount of steps to get ahead of the game, or to get higher up on the food chain in your career. To me, and every single geek out there, it is either too vague, or just simply does not apply. There is just meat and potatoes there. we all want a little more information, or something a little more deep than that.

I think that the other thing that bothers me, and I came across this in The Geek Leader’s Handbook, is that they say set goals and more goals, and more goals. most of these goals they want one to predict for approximately the next five years. Like I know where I will be at in the next five years… I honestly do not know where I will be at in the next two years, besides hopefully graduating and trying to start my career. That is all that I can focus on right now, without getting an anxiety attack. Plus, why would one want to predict that far into the future, business or not? How do you know that fifty million things will, or will not change in the next three, four, or five months? It is hard to tell with any of new advances we are making.

However, as I read further into what The Geek Leader’s Handbook had to say, I learned that instead of trying to make goals so far into the future with said career, that that is all you are worried about, just make one big goal that can make a difference. Do something worthwhile that would get you ahead in life. Make a connection with one of your employees that just happens to have other connections, actually be a kind human being and not seemed stuck up or something to that effect. I liked that aspect, be kind to your co workers, and check up on them. Be that awesome guy/girl that everyone wants to work with. Not only can that get you ahead, but it makes everything in your work environment way easier. Plus, when you do act like that person in the work environment, word of how good you work with others, along with your outstanding work ethic, that you should either work on as your goal, or that you already have, will more than likely get back to your boss, and maybe that will lead to better things for you.

I feel like, after looking into all of these ways to advance, that these would be the most simplest and first thought of ways, yet a good chunk of the time, they are not. People often go to the typical website that is so vague that it is like the universal fitting for everyone, yet not everyone can fit those goals into their lives, because of them being so broad and non specific. If Geeks just work on their people skills a bit and getting just one major goal on lock, then they can at least insure that they will probably get ahead in life. To be honest, this could apply to just about anybody that is trying to advance in their career. They just need to do it. No matter how hard it may be to open up and be nice and talkative to people, especially when half of the time, those people do not understand your logic. It helps to try and find a way to communicate to a point that everyone can understand to get the job done.