BYOB (Become Your Own Boss)

These days, it’s all about where you are and who you know. If you have connections and you live in a place with a lot of job opportunities, chances are you will be successful. Networking is a thing that has more value than a lot of people realize. Making a good impression and showcasing your skills in a memorable way can land you your dream job in the future. That’s why Linkedin is an amazing resource for people trying to get into the workforce or people trying to get a new job. Linkedin is basically Facebook for business people where you make connections and see job opportunities. It allows you to put your skillset and get references to get a job from people that are hiring on Linkedin. Old employers can endorse you and show that the skills that you say you have, you actually have. Moral of the story, make a Linkedin profile.

I found an article by Gary Burnison called The Real Ways to Get Promoted. To summarize, basically, he lists a few ways to get noticed and get a promotion. 1. Break out of comfortable numbness. This is all too real for some of us because when we get comfortable somewhere and know how everything works, we can become complacent and just settle because we don’t like change. He encourages us to get away from that and look for more out of our careers. 2. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. This is also a biggie because people can sometimes just expect things to be handed to them as long as they put in the time. You need to advocate for yourself and know your worth, otherwise, there’s no way that anyone is going to know what you’re thinking or hoping for. Why would they give you a raise if they know you’re okay working for less pay? 3. Become indispensable, especially to your boss. Be their right-hand man so that when they’re thinking of hiring from the inside, you’re the first person that comes to mind. 4. Not “me, me, me” — “you, you, us”. Contribute to your company by asking how you can improve how things run and how you can help people because they will take notice. 5. There’s no substitute for hunger. He says that hunger is engagement, motivation, and drive, so you need to demonstrate that you have all those things before they promote you. Lastly, 6. Insatiably curious. Ask questions and be open to new experiences and people. Just be a good worker and show that you are committed to your job as well as advocate for yourself and you will be happy in your job.

The thing that comes to my mind when I think of getting promotions or raises is a clip from The Office when Darryl Philbin asks the regional manager, Michael Scott, for a raise and Michael goes to Wikipedia and looks up negotiation tactics so that he can get out of giving him a raise. This is a hilarious scene, and I think it also showcases a good way for someone to ask for a raise. Darryl is respectful (at least at the beginning before he realizes that Michael is wearing a woman’s suit, but you can’t blame him for making fun of Michael after that) and he asks for a raise because he’s been doing a lot more around the office and he thinks that he deserves a raise for the good work he is doing. He advocated for himself and asks for a reasonable amount of money, and in the end, he got the raise because he went about it in the right way.