Career Advancement For Geeks

In the business world, it is known, or should be known, that geeks are there own breed. They act differently, they talk differently, they work differently, and they develop differently. Climbing up the corporate ladder is something that can be challenging for geeks. Their methods and tactics to reach the top differ from those of the average human. This blog will offer up a few pointers to geeks as to how they can effectively rank upwards in the business world.

For starters, geeks should not follow their passion. Now, geeks are very passionate people when it comes to their craft, but when it comes to the long run, said craft (job) may change. Geeks do not have a set mission statement that their careers should follow. A true geek should be devoted to logic and not focused on following their passion. Personally, I have no desire to follow a passion, and I plan on going wherever the wind blows me. I know I can flow with the changes the workforce has to offer. Can you?

Since most geeks are introverts, it is best that they try to grow their network by socializing online. This can be done by using sites like Linkedin. Linkedin helps you connect with business people around the world and grow connections. These connections can be very beneficial and possibly lead to new job opportunities. I have a Linkedin account, but I fail to use it as much as I should. Connections in the workplace are huge, so I must start looking for some as soon as possible.

When it comes to opportunities, everyone creates them differently, especially geeks. There are a few main ways as to how geeks can create opportunities for themselves. Way number one is simply to get lucky. Wouldn’t it be nice to have job opportunities that fit your skillset rain down on you constantly. This is pure luck, and it is not something you should rely on. I never get lucky, so I have already moved on from trying to rely on it. Way number two is to expand your range of capabilities. This is like adding another tool to your tool belt. It is very important to take the time to learn new skills throughout your life. Having a wider range of skills can help you match up with more job descriptions. I do this by playing around on my computer during free time. Whether it be coding, typing, creating, or simply messing around, I am learning new things.

Way number three is simply making sure that people have a good experience when they work with you. In other people’s eyes, you want to be seen as trustworthy and good to work with. You can tell if someone has enjoyed their work experience with you based off if they are proud to refer to you again in the future. When I work with others I give it my best effort to make sure they are enjoying the experience. The more people you collaborate with and create a healthy relationship with, the more job opportunities you will receive.

Good work chemistry leads to connections. The puzzle pieces symbolize connecting with one another

Conclusively, it is easy to see how geeks have some different processes when it comes to climbing up the corporate ladder. By being introverts, geeks become more excited by working on their own. However, in order to get connections and meet new people, you have to come out of your comfort zone. That goes for everyone, not just geeks. There are a lot of similarities and differences between the two. Nonetheless, if you follow these tips, I am almost positive that you will create more job opportunities for yourself.