Career Advancement

In most careers there are things people do that can help or hinder them in giving more opportunities for furthering their career. Many geeks think that by having a wide range of skills it will help them get better jobs and promotions. Something that we struggle with is building good relationships not only with friends, but our colleagues as well. These two things become problems for our career, because it does not use the best thing, we have to bring opportunities our way. If you can be capable of caring about others and being trustworthy and good to work with it will help advance your career better than any other way.

I love to learn new things and how to make things work more efficient. Something that I try to do often is find something I what to figure out how to do and keep at it until I have become at least decent in that skill. This allows me to have knowledge about more topics and skills at my disposal. However, knowing more can cause me to get confused not be able to retain all the information. If I where to focus less about learning new things and try to focus more on a few skills this could allow me to keep the information better. The other thing I do is to do my work in the most efficient way I can figure out. The better and faster I can solve something the less time I have to spend on the task.

The best way for everyone you worked with to always want to go to you for things; is to have a good work experience with them. This can become hard for most geeks to accomplish because of how we like to focus on the matter of objective reality. Having focus on subjective experience is something we do not like to go, because for us it would be like breaking someone’s boundaries. For non-geeks they expect you to think about their experiences. “Boehm and Lyubomirsky (2008) posit that happiness should be viewed as one of the major sources of positive outcomes in the workplace.” This is why we have to make important decisions in work, to think not only for yourself, but also how everyone’s experience is and make it a good one.

I have struggles with the best way for advancement and that is making good relationships with people; who could later in life be of help to you in some form of matter. The more people you have good reputations with, the more likely you will move up the work ladder and get referred to more. Now this does not mean that when someone had a good experience working with you that it will automatically mean they will give you opportunities in the future. You have need them to remember you at the right moments for them to help you out. The only way to do this is keeping in touch with past colleagues. You do not have to keep in contact with them every month, or be friends with them, but by letting you know you care about them will make them want to return the favor back in some way. “A study from Wharton professor Matthew Bidwell showed that external hires into a company get paid 18-20% more than internal workers” This means that if you have good tides with people you have a better chance of getting hired and making more money.

Having many skills can be helpful in having more opportunities for many more jobs, but could make it harder to advance in a career. If geeks want to have career advancement the only have to do a few things to have more chances than people who do not do these things. This would be, having good relationships with your co-workers and you making their experience with them good ones.