In life, there’s issues that we deal with. I’m talking about the ones that infuriate

 Us. There are many reasons why others do. Maybe they complain about everything, or you know something is wrong and they tell you everything is fine but really it is not. In work places there’s a level of frustration that we can all intake that our emotions can handle until we react verbally or non-verbally. For geeks and non-geeks, they have many misunderstandings which creates their disappointments. The pattern that geeks and non-geeks have is known as contraxiomsthat are the differences that separates them which consist of seven typical ways between the geeks and the non-geeks. 

In the readings of the book called The Geeks Leader’s Handbook, it describes the different ideal ways on what is work. In the first way is the “Source of The Problem” which means finding on what cause the issues it is causing but most people don’t know what they are supposed to do in situations they don’t have a clue on. This is where the geeks come into the picture to fix the issue that we dislike doing or don’t have any idea what it is. As for non-geeks they don’t have the knowledge that is capable of doing or fixing the troublesome, therefore they just seek the passion and the view on reaching a goal. 

In the seven contraxioms, which the book gives its definition as a pair that is matched with contrasting axiom giving a rise to the vastly different worldviews. It contains the following, work, future, knowing, language, lying, good, and wanting. In those seven ways it displays a real-world indication of the leading geeks. 

The first is work, as for most people it is important thing that plays a big role in their lives. In workplaces there’s always that one guy that knows everything about what goings on with the  field. Not only the person is a geek, it can cause frustration when they give explanation and expect you to understand what they are saying because he has the knowledge that a lot of us not have to figure out the problems. Which it causes a frustrated connection between the two. It is helpful to gain insight from the geek to see where his explanation is coming from, which in the book is known as the problem solvers. 

As the workplaces can be a positive or negative, the other I have experience is the knowledge. To me it is the second important thing because geeks have a lot of intel that you don’t have, by so it is good to learn from their experiences so you can gain the knowledge they have over to yourself where you can build off your intelligent you already have. 

After gaining information you have gain it always important to have a clear explanation. Later in the future you might have to help others with the same issue. When solving a problem, it best to talk it out by steps. Because the language is a key role when it comes to communicating with others around you. Geeks tend to have horrible communicating skills, it always good to build and develop the language for lending a hand out for someone else by being a good commuter. 

Overall in this chapter it gave good insight on what the septs are, and how they work by giving information about them.  As for personal use it will be good to balance out the good fromn the bad to help others seek their problems by solving them like geeks do.