In life, one may ask why some people just don’t get along and can never seem to agree on anything. Sometimes there are people that just frustrate you but you can’t quite put your finger on why. Most of the time in life you will not get along with everyone , but why is that? What is keeping humans from living peacefully together with all of their opinions and interactions being harmonious? The secret may lie with a word that is completely made up. Contraxioms. This software that I am writing on thinks it is a fake word since there is a red squiggly line under it, and that’s kind of because it is. The definition of contraxiom according to our book is: A matched pair of contrasting axioms that give rise to vastly different world views.

Contraxioms can be found all throughout life since they can be the source of many problems. When conflict arises, sometimes you may be puzzled as to why there is even a problem in the first place. To you, the solution seems so simple and you believe that the problem can be fixed if you do it the way that you think it should be done. However, this is where you go wrong. You assume that everyone shares the same world view and sees the world through the same lens as you. Many people see the world differently because they think differently. Many people go about solving problems in different ways along with having different views about morals and beliefs than you do. This is where conflict can arise. The authors of The Geek Leader’s Handbook have presented us with seven of the most commonly occurring contraxioms. Geeks and non-geeks differ in these seven areas in a way that, they have different ideas about what work is, they relate to the future in vastly different ways, they come to know what they know very differently, they have very different ideas about the purpose of language, they disagree about the definition and significance of lying, they see good and evil with different degrees of absolutism, and they value desire and its role in decision-making differently. These seven areas cover many of the areas that are the usual source of conflict, so understanding them would be very beneficial when it comes to learning how to improve relationships among geeks and non-geeks. There have been many times in life where I have experienced people who confused me as to why they did the things they did and why they made the choices they did. I thought it was weird seeing how they went about solving problems. I have actually recently in the last year or so come to the realization that people are just different and have different world views, so understanding contraxioms will actually help immensely in the future.

When it comes to managing geeks and non-geeks together and with dealing with different people in everyday life, contraxioms serve a big role in helping people understand each other. Life can be so much more fruitful when people are actually able to understand one another as it makes cooperation much easier. I feel like many people could benefit from learning about and understanding contraxioms since they have experienced them but cannot define what they are, or do not even know that there is a word exists to describe it. Geeks and non-geeks can be two totally different types of people that do not understand each other at all, but if we can understand each other, then working together might not be so bad. If we can understand each other, we can understand how to use each others views and skills in the most effective ways.