Contraxioms: A conceptual Framework

We as people or Geeks have different way of getting work done and the people that we deal with on a Day to day basic. Contraxioms A match pair of contrasting axioms that give rise to vastly different worldviews.

The 7 Contraxioms of Geeks and non geeks  Work is one of the 7 is work. We all have our opinion of what people think that work is. some would say that it is more of a goal like a non Geeks would do just to something to get you out the bed in the morning they just doing it to live their lives. As a Geek work would be more about solving and is all about the present. we all would think about the future how we are going to eat the next day. This would work for even college student who are Geeks and non Geeks. The non Geeks who would have a project do would sit around all day or days making  a plan for the future. But being a Geek would want to take the project a day at a time step by step to solving a problem. This is a video for geeks about geeks for everyday work on how they could change or do.

So if you put a geek and a non geek together to work on a project they the non geek would tell most of his or her ideas about the project. And how they would and should do it , but as the non geek talks about the project. A geek on the other hand would have a different opinion  about how they would work to finish it. Conflicting approaches prevent us from planning together. To language everyone has different ideas about the purpose of language for geeks, language is for transmitting information. For non geeks language is for sharing meaning.

Geeks are absolute loved to be rewarded on the product of their work and are abstracted thinkers and believes in fairness. if something is not being treat fair like a geek sometime they would be mad or they would go as far as to talk to their boss about it or even quit. At time it felt like I was  being unfair at a Job that I was working  for, so I Talk to the manager about it for someone to get it fixed did it happen no, but I kelp asking tell it was.

Lying is something that Geeks just don’t do we think that it is evil and maybe one of the reason that we are alone.  People they rather tell you the truth than trying to save your feeling and you

As you can see there are many Contraxioms that a geeks are in a work place or how they work with other and for themselves. and non geeks who think differently about geek and how they would work with them.