Contraxioms: A conceptual Framework

The Source of the problem is were the most thought of a subject should be placed. You have to know what the source of the problem is to combat the problem because without the source you won’t know what steps to take to clear the problem. To geeks a problem may need solved while for a non-geek the same problem doesn’t need to be solved. People that work with geeks tend to get annoyed by them because the geeks do not do something as simple as emotion. As Sheldon does in the T.V. show “Big Bang Theory”. Penny is sad in one of the episodes and Sheldon only responds with “there, there Penny”. To a non- geek that seems like you truly don’t care but in reality the person may have a dysfunctional problem. Thus, defining the source of the problem and learning how to tackle the problem is critical. Contraxiom is a word the book used which means a matched pair of contrasting axioms that give rise to vastly different worldviews. Simple put is the two differing opinions of people.

The book “The geek leader’s handbook” lists seven contraxioms which are work, future, know, language, lying, good and evil, and desire. 


 Work can be stressful for the non-geeks because there will come a day when you as a geek will have to work with people that do not think in the way you do. The non-geeks will have to adapt to get the planning and projects done within a timely manner. Just how they do that may be eventful because the geeks will want to get the project done and completed quicker than the rest of the group. Planning is the most important thing that the company and sometimes you will have to just leave the geeks out of the planning stage at the beginning so that the geeks don’t get bored. Once the majority of the planning is done then you can bring the geeks in to help finalize the plans and get started on the action.


The future for many people can be scary but for some geeks it can be astronomical this link provides an inside look of the marketing industry and why people think the future of it belongs to the geeks.



Knowledge is power and for geeks it could lead you to a high paying job if you know how to communicate with the big bosses. For example when I was in at a community college I was introduced to the president of the whole college and because I could communicate with him I was able to work on the website for him and also got to help with his personal computer problems. So being able to communicate the knowledge you have to not only the executives but to the other co-workers in your cubicle is key to how successful you will be in the company.  Language is tied to the knowledge portion of the argument Have the right way to say something may be the difference between you getting your project approved or not getting it at all.

Geeks vs non-geeks for desire

Geeks tend to desire the facts about something where as the non-geeks want do just now as little details as possible.