Contraxioms: Kim Possible Edition

Contraxi-what? A contraxiom is a pair of statements that contrast each other and different world views. I had never heard of this word until about a week ago. Honestly, I am not convinced it is even a real word. There are seven contraxioms of geeks and non-geeks. My lack of knowledge about the word “contraxiom” probably verifies that I am a non-geek. I think the fact that I have only seen one Star Wars movie verifies it as well. For this blog, I am going to compare two characters from one of my all-time favorite shows; KIM POSSIBLE! Wade Load, her right-hand man for anything tech related, is a geek. Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible’s sidekick and best friend, is a non-geek.

Wade is someone who works to solve problems. His goal is to help KP catch all the bad guys she can by creating some wicked devices. Wade is responsible for creating Kim’s two signature gadgets. He creates a hair dryer for her that shoots out a grappling hook that allows her to scale buildings. Wade is also the genius behind the Kimmunicator. The Kimmunicator is a hand-held device that allows Kim to communicate with Wade and stay updated on any crimes. He works to solve any problem KP might have by creating gadgets that help her catch the villains. Wade gives Kim all of the information about whatever crazy criminal is up to no good. Wade is always short, sweet, and to the point. He tells Kim the facts and does not waste her time. Wade likes to remain focused on the mission at hand and likes to solve it as quickly as possible. Kim’s techy BFF likes to plan for the future and keep creating gadgets that will be beneficial to KP and Ron.

Wade, KP’s tech smart bestie.

Ron, on the other hand, is definitely a non-geek. He definitely works towards a vision, and that vision is being cool. That vision is definitely not always achieved. One of the most iconic Ron moments is when his pants fly off when he uses his hairdryer/grappling hook. This happens multiple times throughout the show. It would be helpful for him to invest in a better belt to prevent this happening in the future. Non-geeks do not always get to the point and that is Ron to a T. Ron also is not much of a planner. His usual plans include hanging out at Bueno Nacho with his animal bestie, Rufus. Ron’s favorite meal is a “naco,” a combination of a taco and nachos. Ron’s mood depends on if Bueno Nacho is open and has nacos in supply. There’s an episode where Bueno Nacho is closed and Ron has a complete meltdown. He definitely lets his emotions get the best of him sometimes and he does not always know how to handle them. Spoiler alert, Ron develops feelings for Kim towards the end of the show. It takes him a long time to admit it to her. He, quite emotionally, admits his feelings for her while giving her a pep talk before taking down a villain. Spoiler alert part two, KP likes him back.

One of the many times Ron loses his pants.

If someone was to go through the show and pull all of the examples for this argument, there would be countless. Wade’s focus on work and timeliness are spot on with the geek contraxioms. Ron’s lack of focus and overload of emotions are right on track with a non-geek contraxioms. Although Wade and Ron are very different, KP would not be able to save the world without both of them. They complete the Kim Possible team.