From Geek to Manager

One of the biggest challenges in life is trying to successfully manage other people. Managing requires many changes. As manager, you have to adapt to the new work style. Not only are managers dealing with employees, they are also trying to manage their own boss along with new people that come in and out of the company frequently. Due to the difficulty of the manager position, it can take up to a few years until one can even begin to grasp the concept.

The transition to a manager role can be even harder for geeks. From what we have discussed in the past, we know that geeks are a different breed. They have their own ways and they are seen to be a little anti-social. The process of becoming a manager is also different for geeks. Most geeks are rewarded manager status when the boss quits and they did a good job on their last project. It would be deemed smarter to elect a more experienced and ready member of the company for manager. But, every company has its own system. Geeks are introverts, meaning they achieve more pleasure working alone rather than with people. Being a manager literally means working with just about everyone. You can see where this can be difficult for geeks. As an introvert myself, I would have no idea what to do in the managerial role.

To be successful, managers must take up many roles in the work place.

To be honest though, how can anyone truly be ready for the managerial role? Unless you have a very deep work experience, you really cannot be ready for it. However, aside from the tips from the video, there are a few essential skills that new managers should learn.

Skill number one is “letting go of doing.” As a manager, you lose being able to work hands-on on a lot of the companies projects. You may see people who are not as good as you working on the project. Instead of jumping in and taking control though, you must let it go. This would be very hard for me personally. I hate watching people struggle and I have the tendency to jump in and help all too often.

Managerial duties

Skill number two is “understanding what managers do.” In order to manage, you have to know what managers do, it is simple. The list portrayed to the right offers a few examples of what managers do. A big thing that managers do is developing others. It is important for managers to realize the skills of certain people and let them work to their full potential. If I was a manager I would completely follow this list in order to make my managerial experience better and hopefully easier.

Skill number three is the ability to “cross boundaries.” When you become a manager, you are forced to communicate with a multitude of people. These can be people you have no experience talking with before. This is scary, but you must cross the comfort zone boundary and learn how to talk with all types of people. As a manager it is extremely important to break the barriers between geeks and non-geeks and become a mediator for the both of them. I personally would not have a problem with this. I feel as if I can talk to just about anyone, however that is personal opinion. Who knows what might happen out in the real world workforce.

Conclusively, it is easy to see that the transition to manager is not easy. It is especially harder for geeks though. No matter your archetype, following the tips above can help improve your managing experience and hopefully remove some strain. Being a manager is tough stuff. Good luck!