Geek – Manager

We have all had a bad manager in our lives, and we all know that there is nothing more frustrating than that. When they won’t listen to your ideas, are rude, won’t give you time off, etc. that can really cause you to hate the job that you’re in. As I get older and I have to start thinking about getting a big girl job, it makes me really appreciate managers. It takes a special person to do that job, and it’s a lot harder than meets the eye. Delegating is something that I think a lot of people struggle with because it’s just easier to get it done on your own rather than having to explain to another person what your idea is. That’s what being a manager is, and that’s why it sounds like it would not be the job for me. I like being a leader but in a less pressure situation. Geeks especially find it hard to be managers sometimes because they have to communicate and work with others which can sometimes drive them crazy. It’s not difficult for geeks to become managers because they tend to be hard workers, but once they get to that role it can sometimes be frustrating for them.

There are a few things that make a good manager, but here’s an example of a bad manager. Dr. Bob Kelso from Scrubs is a terrible boss in a lot of ways, the main stemming from his anger issues. He’s the type of boss who’s far more concerned with the business side of things rather than people’s feelings and office morale. This is something that could go wrong very fast because since he makes a lot of people angry really fast by treating them like they are dispensable. If you have to walk around on eggshells in front of your boss in hopes of not pissing them off, that’s gonna get old really quick and make you want to quit your job.

Almost all of the articles that I could find on ways to be an effective leader had the first bullet point having something to do with delegating. One article, in particular, had good suggestions on how to be an effective leader. 1. Delegate wisely
2. Set goals
3. Communicate
4. Make time for employees
5. Recognize achievements
6. Think about lasting solutions
7. Don’t take it all too seriously

I think these are good because they are simple, but they can make anyone a good manager. The main ones that I like on that list is to recognize achievements and think about lasting solutions. I’m currently working in Admissions and the management is focusing on solutions for just right now. They aren’t thinking long term and how to keep admissions counselors here for longer than a year, they’re just thinking about how they’re gonna keep hiring people. This wouldn’t be an issue if they could find a way to figure out a long term solution and keep the workers happy that they already have. They do a pretty good job at recognizing achievements, and I think that’s one of the main things that motivate people. I know that for me personally, I like to be recognized when I do something because it makes me feel appreciated and like they know that I’m doing a good job. I don’t need a prize or anything crazy, but just being acknowledged and told you’re doing a good job is enough for me to want to keep doing a good job.

Joey Clinton is going places

Although it can be a little harder for a geek to be a manager because of soft skills and things like that, it’s definitely not impossible. One day, this guy is going to be a great manager and he is going to rock it.