Geek To Manager

Being a manager in a company is a job position that has many more responsibilities with it than the normal employee. Not all people who get put into a manager title have what it takes being overseer of everyone else in an area at the company.  In most cases the managers are the employees who put in the work and did a good job in their job. Those that do become managers are not always prepared and do not get much support from others in the company to become a great manager.

An article I found by John Reh talks about five strategies for management jobs. It mainly is describing what you can do to become a manager. I think it also tells you what you need to be a good one. You have to do your job well. Those that have done well at their job will most likely become the manager of that group later on. You need to do your homework and look into it. Figuring out what other managers do will give you an idea of what works and doesn’t. Managers need to have people skills. This is one of the biggest skills to have because, it allows you to learn how people work. If people can respect you it makes it easier to influence them to do what you want them to do. You got to show some initiative. The more work you do to make the bosses job easier they will thank about you for the manager position. People who do all these will have a great chance of becoming a manager and a good one, but it will be less likely to happen if you do not ask for the position

The book talks about four skills new managers need to master before they can become good managers. These skills are; letting go of doing, knowing what managers do, measuring marginal success, and crossing boundaries. When put in the role of leading other people you cannot be stuck in the spot of constantly doing the job. What you need to do with this position is control and delegate what the people you are managing have to do. Being new to managing can be a struggle at first, but wants you know what to do and how it become worry and more like a job. Now that you are a manager you will have to worry less about what you do as an individual and more about how your group does as a whole. The whole point of being a manager is to make the work of the many individual tasks work together for the bigger picture of the group. Managers have to communicate with many different people, seeing their perspectives and bridging the gap between the many viewpoints into one.

Becoming a manager takes time and patients. It is not something that you can just jump right into. The beginning period of being a manager is getting used to the transition from your job beforehand. The most difficult people to move into a manager job are those that where the shinning individuals, because they only think about their way of doing things, not wanting to change. It is tough for them to coach people because they never needed it themselves. This is why it is important to take your time figuring out what works and not and having commitment to finish the journey in order to become a great manager.

Good managers and bad managers are not that common, but mediocre are the ones you will see the most. This is why if you want to be a good one you have to take the time to do research and find the best way to manage your group of individuals.