GEEK TO Manager

Geek to manager is something not alot of people that are not can do. It would also be helpful to you if you’re in evolved in selective and mentoring new leaders. Even if you’ve been in management for a while.

Most people would be put in to a position of being a manager. Sometime you would get promotion by. They did a great job as an employee, They did a great job on their last project, their boss quit and someone needed to step in, or they just volunteered. Being prepared for the transition Is more challenging than learning about the job for geek . Geeks would have a hard time than other just because they incorporate all that measurement into how they view and measure themselves. If someone who is a geek would help someone who needed help. They would try to do it themselves and the way they would want to do. This would teach the person. That you are helping any type of help ,because they wouldn’t learn anything by you doing that .–the-unspoken-truth-about-managing-geeks.html

Jeff talked about the stress of manager with others and how geeks are creative smart . they are also egocentric, antisocial, managerially and business-challenged, victim-prone, bullheaded and credit-whoring. Which could be a big problem In a work environment to get things done on time. If you are a manager you would have to deal with others moods. If they are in a bad mood you as a manager would have to take In part that they don’t want to talk to any body or barely want to do any work. And to measure your managerial success you would have to measure your team. There are indicators of successful management things have to get done well, problems are not getting big surprises, Issues get resolved, people are engaged with their work and each other, conflict is productive rather than territorial.

When I used to work at McDonald’s I had a bad experience he is o e of the lazy manager I had and I had three. As a manager he would sit in his office and do what ever he wanted. He would not talk to anyone or help when you would need help. But if his boss or the own comes in or he knew they would come he would act like he was doing everyone’s job at once. Like he is flash or something. And that would make me mad and everyone who worked with me didn’t like they would always talk about him behide his back and some of the things that they would say is funny and true about him. And he would communicate with you only if he like you and to me he would always try to act nice to me ,but I don’t know why .

As you can the pain new manager experience doesn’t arise because the job I’d bad, but because they expect the jobs to be different than it really is, or they expect themselves to adjust to it more quickly than is humanly possible.