Geek to Manager

Being a manager… Wow I think is a great word choice to use in this scenario. Most people have no idea what it is like to be a manager of just about anything, or at least how much work and effort goes into said job. We as employees on have a certain viewpoint of what a manager really is, and that isn’t always the case. You could have just saw a big screw up and taken that as “oh, that’s what a manager does. Or is it?” Who knows, right? However big the screw up, we all have to realize that with this particular job title, that person is still probably learning how to manage everything because let’s face it, they probably went into it unprepared, like most if not all of us would have.

 The Geek Leader’s Handbook talks about this; people, especially geeks, going into management positions unprepared as ever and expected to know exactly what to do. Welp, that is not how the cookie ever crumbles. Geeks have always worked in a way that is measuring their personal goals. They need to make sure that they have met the goals that they have made for themselves and that is that. No exceptions. However, managers work in the exact opposite way. Managers have to make sure that their whole team is working with each other. They need to keep everything together and that is where it all goes downhill. I personally, in the work environment have never had an issue with my manager. She is actually a pretty cool lady and is straightforward with explanations, and is more than willing to help you out.  That is what I strive to be in general. However, for the class that I am in, Projects in the music industries, I have learned that you couldn’t pay me enough to be a manager. With all of the things that I saw what managers have to deal with in the music industry looks like one giant headache to me. You are in charge of the artist and you have to make sure every show, picture, and performance is perfect, and once I saw the video of Chance the Rapper’s, it also helps give a little perspective as to what managers in my field of study do.

Now, of course that is not the full spectrum of what all a manager does, but it is enough to make me say no to the job, so on that kind of a level, I have a lot of respect for good managers because I know that there are a lot of bad ones. Not because these people are just starting out or made an uh oh, but because they truly just aren’t good for the job, and aren’t good workers in general.

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The good news is that there are plenty of books and websites with a plethora of advice that is actually worthwhile and can help a geek to be more prepared in the transition of just a regular employee to a manager.  Linkedin was one of these websites that had advice that was very helpful. It had advice like making sure that you actually want the position, and working on communication, such as making sure that you are clear in what you say, and watching what you say as a manager. Linkedin also talked about how it’s not always about you, it’s about your team and how they perform. It only is about you when something goes wrong, then it’s all on you, which isn’t the best thing, but that’s why you always need to make sure that your people are getting along and doing their work. That’s a big part of the job, and that’s what Geeks need to consider when taking the job. Geeks need to make sure that they understand that people skills will need to be worked on, and present in order to do this job. I think that before any of that though, you need to make sure definitely that you want this job before you make any moves so that you don’t end up hating life, and just going through the motions of everyday.