geek to managers

As geeks starting a career might be simple. Your starting your profession, working your way up the charts. Proving your worth and the eligibility to those who have doubted you, working with those who are in need. Next step is becoming a manger, after practicing communication skill and knowing which stereotype you are in the previous chapters can really help decide if you’re ready to take on the role of management. Becoming a manager is a big role to obtain, because it a role for a responsible person to direct all those in their department in the right path. In this chapter, it was purposely made for those who are wanting to the role of leadership. Basically, turning geeks into something that might not suit them well at first. 

Geeks might have a difficult rough start on managing because they are so used to taking control and doing things their way to reach a level satisfaction like “Hand it over! You’re not listening on what I’m saying so give it, UGH wasting my time with something so simple!” instead of taking the time to help them understand the confusion on what that person is missing. It is challenging for geeks which is why they need to take the time to identify themselves and what’s the main purpose of their role is. I haven’t had a job yet, but one thing is I’ve learning how to observe. My mother took me to her job one day, I sat and watched how she worked, then her manager comes in and things took a turn. Her manager thought I was another client waiting for a haircut, watching her treat my mother as a manager was upsetting. She was bossing my mom around telling her what to do, how to do it, what she can and cannot do, when she can eat for lunch. I was thinking others over self because for a manager they should take consideration on how they are treating others, just because you labeled as a manager doesn’t mean you have total charge over everyone like they are your salves. Like the book of Exodus 21:24“Eye for an eye”, I think this plays a role for management because “treat others how you wanted to be treated”. 

Being a manager, you should be able to work with one another, come up with a conclusion on how to get jobs done well, without complications and confusion that causes stress and irritations that can lead to arguments between one another. management is to oversee the workplace, by planning on how to make a goal happen or find out what the goal should be, then by  organizing the requirement that would be necessary to follow through the plan , next to be able to direct on what each person or organization are needed to do, then to monitor everything by keeping an eye on thins to make sure everything is going smoothly to the plan just-in-case if its falling out of hand to step in and adjust the plan to put them back on track, next is to evaluate the plan on how well it is going, finally the performance that were all assigned to be completed efficiently