Motivating Geeks

Motivation for people is something that would give them purpose, but what about a Geek. How what would you do to motivate a Geek. For most you could use money to motivate someone. And feeding them lies is one way to lose alot of motivation. Which is a good why to loss some of your worker or place a manager.

Traditional techniques don’t work for Geeks. Don’t make assumptions that geeks would like money to get them to like the job more or get the work done. And for works you should make them feel good about their work, invest energy in performing their tasks , care about their personal performance , feel driven to succeed, feel compelling to change the status quo.

The things that would motivate me is when money , calm and peaceful working conditions and most of all food. Food is something that that a lot of people to need, but in a work environment food is a big thing. People love to snack on something as they Is working. Other just use it a way to make conversation with others which I think is a good idea for those who don’t like to speak. The things that don’t movtivate me is when someone else is doing less work than I am. Or when the work place is to loud or if some one is yelling at me, because I wouldnt want to yell back. Because in doing so I would put my job a risk. And for me that would put a lot of stress on me and I would not want that as I am work with a team. I had that when I was on the track team and someone was trying g to get me to do something. By talk down on me and I didn’t like that.

To motivates geeks in a work place is the right answers geeks are attracted to solvable problems. They love questions that have right answers. Most of them gravitate towards math. Challenging puzzles. They want to work on things that would test their boundaries of their abilities, forced to learn new things .

As a geek leader it is important for you to know. To keep your team up and running and one way to keep stress away from the work places. And would help you find great rewards and feeling of accomplishment when you find yourself among a team.