Motivation… Yea, let that word sink in. It seems like just about everyone is out of it and always looking for a way to get more of it. Literally, Everyone, bosses and especially managers. They probably go through this whole daily struggle of how to not only keep themselves motivated, but their employees motivated too. In the end, that is what every company needs is motivated employees, and that is also what every manager wants, especially so that they don’t look bad, and then potentially lose their job because of it. The only problem I think that is most prevalent when it comes to this part of the job, is trying to find out exactly what motivates Everyone on your team. We all know that everyone has a different way that makes them tic, that motivates them, and how they would get a job done. A manager has to figure all of this out. The motivation part is key, because if you can’t find a way to motivate the employees that you have, that aren’t already motivate the second that they walk through the door, then how are you going to get that person to get anything done?

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The Geek Leader’s Handbook that as a manager, one needs to understand that when it comes to motivating Geeks, you should probably get more creative because, they aren’t motivated like everyone else. They have different triggers that make them motivated compared to everyone else. This means that yes, money will not work with them. Nor will giving them unnecessary awards in very unnecessary ways, and especially not parties. As the manager, one must make the workplace as a place that motivation thrives. Ok, so for real… how do managers actually do this?? Well, for one, you can offer different, challenging work to your more geeky employees. They always love a good puzzle, and are always down to find out more and seek out the truth behind everything. That is a for sure motivator. Now, I know that for me, being a college student and still an employee when I am not a student, I am, like other Geeks, motivated by free food. Yes, anything that I don’t have to pay for is like gold. That and the fact that if I don’t get my work done, there goes my grades, but anyway… I also think that communication is important in motivation. It is important in just about every aspect of the job, and as I thought about it, if I had a boss that doesn’t communicate very well what so ever, then I really wouldn’t be motivated to even come into work at all.

The good thing is that usually, Geeks are motivated people when it comes to the workplace. They usually want to come to work and usually want to get the work done, as long as the work is even slightly challenging. That is how everyone is when they enjoy their work, and actually have the motivation to do their work. The only problem with when you being the manager and your employees already being motivated, is you trying to keep them motivated. you don’t want to be that manager that is over kill with kindness. That just drives people up the wall, and makes them not as motivated as they could be, if they even are, and will make them even more introverted than they were. I know that when a person is sweet and nice like that all of the time, it drives me insane. I don’t necessarily know why I do that, but I do. In the end, however, it is all about find what exactly makes your team motivated and how to keep that up so that work gets done properly and on time.