Client Relations

Client Relations are the biggest part of starting any kind of business. Why? Most would think that it was solely based on money and having that certain skill, but if you have no clients then to whom does your business cater to? So how do you establish that relationship before, or after your business has taken off? One way to do this is to have frequent conversation whether it be through email, or face to face communication. Another big part of client relations are at the very base of the name, relations.

Relationships between a business and a client are important to make that client come back for more. A job that is frequented is a Client Relation Manager. A client relations manager serves as a liaison with a company’s clients and customers, developing relationships, providing guidance and advice and ensuring all of the customer’s needs are being met. (McQuerrey) Now depending on the workplace this job can have different obligations. For me I used to do art for people through DeviantArt. Now taking commissions made for a good side job but to keep people coming back there had to be a level of trust and communication. When the job would take a little extra time I would let the client know that and usually things were fine. Keeping this level of communication is expected while providing a visual image as to how the work was going.

Being the boss of your business means you stop ignoring those ominous signals and politely decline the clients who don’t fit, so you can find clients who do and then get busy managing them.(Benum) Sometimes people do not fit what you need in your business and you need to learn that it is okay to say no. Because if you invite a toxic thing into your workplace things can just avalanche from there.

While your relationship with your client is of a professional nature, acknowledging that you see them as a person—more than a paycheck—can go a long way.(MBO Partners) Making your clients feel like an individual can bring more of a positive image for the company and establish a level of trust for you. When I would be browsing DeviantArt I would occasionally message the people I did work for and see how they were. Even if the conversations were just a simple “How are you?” It may not be much but to some individuals taking the time out of your day just to check on them makes them feel like they are someone.

In the retail industry, a client relations manager would likely be a vendor representative, making product recommendation to the client, providing guidance on merchandising and promotional avenues. (McQuerrey) When fashion designers finish a product they need an avenue to market and establish their line. If they own their own business they need to figure out what kind of people want to buy this product.

When I decided that it was time to stop doing art for commissions (business was not that frequent at this point.) Some of the old clients I did have wished me well and it was a really warm feeling. Seeing how these relations grew into something more than just a profit merited me with a good emotional response and new acquaintances. So now that you know what client relations are, and the people that perform these things. How can you start building your own client relations in your workplace? Take the time to really get to know the people you’re working with and in time you will have a fruitful relationship that will just keep paying off.