In the world of computer programming, Geeks, and technical jargon working with clients is something that is not always discussed. Sometimes this aspect of the business glossed over and ignored. It is important, but as Geek, some people may not want to deal with it. it is true, Geeks tend not to handle the social side of the business and often prefer to be isolated in their corner with their code. Since this class about managing technical people, it is important to touch on the subject of clients.

Working with people, no matter the industry, can be hard. Clients often do not know what they want, but think they do. This can be a huge hassle. It is important to be respectful to the client, or risk losing them, but not let them run you over with ridiculous demands that are impossible. In the book, there are steps to establishing a good relationship with a client. Putting yourself in their shoes, figuring out what a real win looks like for them, being flexible, showing commitment, speak their language and demonstrate integrity are all things to keep in mind when approaching a new client. All people are different but being being respectful and showing that you genuinely care, is key.

For myself, the two most important things I have noticed about client worker relationships is first impressions, and caring. First impressions, as with almost everything, are important. People tend to make a judgement about someone or something based on the first thing they see or experience. Whether this is good or bad is a whole different story but, it is what it is. When you are perfuming a task for a new client, make extra sure that it is done correctly. This is not to say that after the first impression you can get sloppy, but if you do happen to make a mistake later on in the relationship, they will be more likely be forgiving considering you have a clean record. At restaurants U worked my manager was super nitpick about everything be perfect for new catering orders or groups of people considering renting the business room monthly. He knew that the first impression was very a very important factor in having them come back or not.

Sometimes a first impression can ruin relationship. I have seen people come into restaurants and have a bad experience and say they will never come back again. Sad as this is, it happens. One mistake, a spilled glass, wrong order, cold food could end a reluriosngip before it starts. While this is rather judgmental, there are some people who will not come back after a mistake and that is another customer that would have contributed money to the business.

The other thing is genuinely caring. Any business that I go into more than once and they either remember my name, or ask me about something I previously mentioned catches my attention. It makes it seem like they care and know me. People are more fond of people they have connections with I go to a sports trainer back home fo injuries, and when he asks me about my season, or remembers details about things I talked about the last time I came in makes me feel more relaxed and at home. It makes it feel like I am talking to a friend rather than a physician.

There are lots of different things to consider when talking to potential customers, and it does vary by type of business and scope of customer, but being respectful and having a good impression are the two things I personally believe to be at the top of the list.