Dealing with a Toxic Team

At one point of you life you would have a team. Were someone on your team at school or in your work. Is giving you trouble and sometimes keeping you from doing your work. Sometime it’ll be the people you work with and other time it’ll would be your boss.

The things that you should know how teams would become toxic. To me sometimes it would be you boss that you are working for would make it toxic. If your boss is showing favorite in the work place this would cause others who is so called a teacher pet if you are at school to act different. At my job we had a manager who would only do a few things in that work. And than go sit down or talk to other people without doing what they need to do. And they would tell me that the manager or their boss wouldn’t fire them because they would need them more than they would need anyone else, because they are in good with their manager.

And that could really hurt some of your team members. By some don’t wanting to do the work or others just talk about them behind their backs in a working environment.

A toxic team is one that is trapped in an intensifying cycle of negative behavior, beliefs, emotions. Their are 4 step for dealing with a toxic team. Find the toxic behaviors and their impact, claim and assign responsibility, choose your interventions, implement and monitor.

You’ll succeeded when information is shared and advice is sought. Credit is shared all around and not for yourself. Help is asked for, offered, welcomed, and reciprocated for others. Always be consistent with other it will take quite a while for people to believe that things will change for the better. If your determination to enforce the new standards ebbs in any way.

As you can see there are a few things more than trying to turn one around and some of the reason for a toxic environment is not just the people you working with it’s also the people you are working to that could make an a environment toxic for you and others.