Dealing with A Toxic Team

If you are like most people being on a toxic team is one of the most annoying things you can be apart of. The team is not really getting things done and if they are it is not the best work. People are blaming others instead of talking to them to help them fix the problem. When you are on a toxic team destruction to the team occurs. It will only become worse the more you and others let it to continue. In order to fix the toxicity of the team there are key ideas that should be done. When you implement these ideas and did it well your toxic team will start turning into a productive and accomplished team that people want to work on.

To figure out if your team is toxic you need to find behaviors that are deemed to be troubling. Like, what do people complain about the most, what bothers people, and other things that someone does that are inconsistent with how the rest of the team functions. When you have found out your team is toxic and you figured out the behaviors that are causing the team to become more negative, the next step is to claim responsibility yourself as the leader of the group and assign responsibility for the behaviors in the team that are causing people to not work together. Once you know who/what is making the team toxic and you have assigned responsibility you need to have an intervention to improve the situation. These improvements need to move away from the past and are able visible to the team. Finally, when you have done all the pre-production of what cause the team to be toxic in the first place you need to implement the interventions. Some example of interventions that could be implement are: laying-off people who are not the bad apples, get the influence’s on board with you plans, and clarifying what is acceptable and not.

A toxic group that I have to deal with is the people I live with. There are certain things in the apartment that I and others in the group do not do a great job at address or taking action and keeping it a norm. The one and biggest problem we have in the apartment is keeping a clean-living space and especially the kitchen area. The only way for us to figure things out is for us to discuss the situation and what needs to be done in order for the apartment to not feel like it is a toxic group. When No one in the apartment is willing to take leadership and responsibility for getting things in to action. Everyone in the group needs to come together and communicate with each other what needs to change. When we talk with each other we need to seek the truth and figure out what is right from just blame and then set a new standard for behaviors in the apartment. If everyone can come on board with the rules than we should become a more enjoyable group to be in. The most important thing that needs to happen in order for success is for the team to not give up on what was established in the meetings.

In almost any situation you will encounter eventually you will have a toxic team as a leader or be part of the toxicity. If you follow most guidelines from the internet on things to do for a toxic team and they are done right everything will change for the better. I have my own bad apples that I need to work with as a group with the apartment and when I do it right it should work out.