Taking responsibility as a leader can be difficult, but yet overwhelming. In my understandings of a leaderis where the person in which is the leader owns up to his own mistakes, then evaluates the mistake that has been made to prevent it from occurring again later in the future. Then the leader must have self-confidence (attitude) which then create encouragement in the team by giving them good insights and what needs improvement in a well-mannered way where they don’t feel like their being attacked or criticized. In which give a positive attitude. Becoming a good leader, you must build good relationships with the people you are working with. Because in the big picture it is “we” who make the dream work not “I”, like the saying “there is no I in team”. Not only working as a whole but getting everyone’s insights making it into one big result where they all can agree with. Because when everything is flowing well, things that are accomplish can be a big relief of the progress, then which can be celebrated joyfully. But in order for all this to happen the leader himself must have communication skills to speak confidently. Because it would not be right to put a geek that has no people skills or doesn’t know how to speak properly as a leader common sense right? 

Leaders are very unique people, they have a very simple distinction and that is their thinking is different. Leaders do not think like followers. Leaders used to be followers, all of them where at one point. But what made them cross the line was a certain mentality that kick in somewhere in their mind. Something happens to them that made them think differently. to me I normally call it their attitude that influence people. In order to be an impactful person, you have to develop certain types of thinking that change the way you see yourself and how you see the world. Which in this case is called the spirit of leadership. 

Back at home, I used to tell my close friends by looking at them in the eyes during a football game I’ll tell them “look I’m not telling you something for my benefit, I’m telling you something for the benefit of us” like in the game of football communication is key. Without communication nobody would not know what to do. In this case the middle linebackers are the ones who communicate with the whole defense or like the quarter back communicating with the whole offense. Because if everyone on either side does their assignment nothing but successful plays happen. Everyone is dependent on each other to do what they are supposed to do. 

During spring break, my father took me with him to turn in his application for his new job he wants to get at peloton. He made me meet all these people that work with information systems of all type that he will be working with. After meeting its proper to say “Hey it was nice meeting you” with a proper hand shake looking eye to eye. one thing I payed close attention to is on how his boss and my father communicated and instantly built a relationship on working with one another where right then and there he got hired. Out of curiosity I ask his boss “ what was different of my father out of all  87 people you interviewed?” he replied “ your father has great communication skills, he sounds confident on what he know and he’s doing,  but one thing he needs to work on is the new network system we have here where he will be studying on”  that right there made be believe my father’s boss is a good example of a good leader. 

As we left the building, my father is my leader by instructing me with skills and how to interact with people. He told me “it a good skill to have to be able to talk with people because geeks/nerds don’t know how to what so ever save their lives to communicate with people”