Mentoring The New Generation

As life goes on new generations will began to start work and the older ones are getting ready for retirement. Companies will have the task to assign people to train the future of the company. This assignment is vital for the company, in order for them to keep the right morals and values. There are two companies that I have seen them change the ways they do certain things based on what they consider important to them now then in the past.

Lucas Films and their series of Star Wars is something that has not changed a whole lot from the original films when Lucas was the director to the films they are showing now; other than the filler movies in between each episode. Almost everything that can happen and been done in the films where established in the first movies by Lucas. The audience understood what was happening and going during the films. There was a sense of direction that the movies wanted to head towards and they got there. In the newer movies this direction is still being followed, but being twenty-five years later the director is casting new actors with some old actors to move the series from the old and into a new generation along with all the new fans. This allows Star Wars to continue on even though the generation that grew up with Star Wars won’t have any of their characters they remember in the new films. Lucas Films did a great job at taking what they found important to the company and adding things to it that will advance the company in keeping up with all the new things they can accomplish.

Warner Bros. having their series of movies Harry Potter based on the novels by J. K. Rowling. There company has changed more than they should have for the new generation. There where many things that fans thought where set in stone when the Movie series was finished in 2011. This however was not true for Rowling the creature of the series. She did not really have any morals or values established when she made the series. This is why some fans are not happy with some of her decisions she made later on after the movies were done. She changes certain things about characters and added stuff to the series that did not make much sense to add. I believe the main reason she added and change these things in the series was to satisfy a small percentage of her audience, instead of keeping her original decision and having a standard set for herself. There are now a spin-off prequel series to the main series that is trying to draw in new audience. Personally, this is a bad Idea to do, yes, I think that companies should have leaders that are doing things to bring in new customers, but I do not thing that it is a good idea for a company to forget about their original customers completely.

From these two companies you get different out comes to their leadership and how they did at mentoring their new leaders. Follow the values that you and the company hold to and use them to help mentor the up and coming leaders of the company to continue the work you left behind and better the company for the future. The best mentors are the ones that can find out what works best with the mentee’s and use it to help advance them into their new roles as leaders in the company. “We are what they grow beyond” -Yoda.