New Client Relationship

Working In a business, you represent the company you work with or for. In those standards, it is important to have a lead on building a consumer connection. In that instance creating relationships with customers Is always good for business to create sells, a name, and reputation. There are many ways to gain a good relationship with clients such as being responsible for the products they are demanding for, or keeping the client updated on their product they’ve purchased, and always staying true to your words. But first thing is building a foundation with your client, meaning take the time to analyze them and understand who they are and what they do. But keeping composer with the client so they can feel comfortable on the business you do. Always remember that your work for your client is utmost in the relationship building. 

Clients tend to expect great commodities and services from you. As so it is good to continue to raise the bar on what your business compromises. Like so telling your client that their merchandise will be expected at a certain date. As a man of your words, the client would like their belongings on the date that is anticipated for but would love the satisfaction that it arrived sooner than expected.

For my example, the bumper on my truck. I purchased it over the internet after looking around, saw the one I wanted and place the order. As I placed the order the company of the manufacture contacted me. Over the phone, they politely appreciate me for the purchase, then asked if I had any questions or concerns? I replied back on when will I receive my item and if it is the right fitment for my vehicle. They answered back “yes Mr. Molina your item will take 2-3 weeks to construct and shipped to your residents, and yes it’s the correct style for your model and make. Any further questions? Noticing they made sure my satisfaction was first and establish trust in their products. As so my bumper came in sooner than expected which gave me joy.

Next was a self-run business called gear heads. The man promised me that he will do his best to work with my truck by not only doing as cheap as possible but best as possible to apply my bumper on my truck. The guy was true to his words, he made me feel comfortable knowing what he was doing by giving me details on how he will do the job in an orderly way and would call me as soon as my truck is finished. By the insights he gave and the confidence he had he I left the truck there. As soon as it was finished, he called to let me know it was completed. By the time I arrive to the shop I was shocked by the work he had done and promised he will do. As so he gave me details and the difficulties he went through to get it done. At that moment I became a new client that he built a relationship with, from that day he is the go-to guy when I need something done with my truck and give friends to him as recommended. 

In the end of this chapter, it helps to understand how people do things differently to create new relationships with clients. People can always false claim about things in their business to create relationships, but it’s the ones who are true to their words and promises.