New Client Relationships

This is a chapter about your relationships with the client that you are with. If they are internal or external to clients for your business. Key moments in a relationship with a client or a stakeholder. makes all the differences in the long-terms success or failure.

The Myths of the Quick – Win

  1. clients want what they asked you for.

clients lack the technical knowledge to know what they need. If they really knew all the technical details of what should be done. Which some of the people you would work for would do, if they are asking for a expert help for what they would want.

You will learn as projects progress

You build trust by demonstrating competence

you wish that clients would trust you based on your technical competence. You have spent many years honing your technical skills. You take great pride in solving gnarly technical. Clients trust is not based on your technical competence, because clients usually aren’t technical enough to appreciate it.

You might think about things like

  1. Did he answer my phone calls in a timely manner
  2. Did he speak to me in language that I understood or in legal jargon?
  3. was he condescending or rude?
  4. did deliverable arrive on schedule ?
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Way That you do to establish a stronger relationship with new clients

Put yourself in your clients shoes: hiring a new consultant is something of an emotional ride. When you think about it, how a new client would feel is almost the polar opposite of how a newly hired consultant feels. it is a contrasting balance of hope and fear. understanding these differences will help you to be more authentically.

For client 80% hope and 20% fear , consultant is 20% hope and 80% fear It takes extra work to empathize with someone who might be feeling the opposite of what you feel. Find out what a real win looks like for your client. By find out what their real goals are for your work. to do this , you need to know what their articulated goals are.

Deliver, do things that you’ve promised to do. for clients to feel comfortable that you can and will help them, you have to fulfill your promises. that would help build trust with your with you and or your business without trust how you are suppose to have friends or clients that would want to hire you.

As you can see the key to creating more positive relationships is to think carefully about new clients first experience of working with you , of how they feel, what they really need, and how you can earn the trust and respect that is the foundation of consulting relationships.