Tech leaders

This is a about new and current leader in a work place. The does and don’t of being a leader which most people can deal with but others it would take sometime. And the world of technology and having the skill of the next generation of technical leader.

Make a lasting impact

Most technical leaders enjoy the thrill of meeting the demands of an ever-changing industry. Technologies come and go. Processes, organizational structures, job description, and titles all rotate through a mix master of constantly shifting fads.

Poor predictors of leadership success

It’s natural to assume that people with strong technical skills would be able to leverage those talent to enhance the productivity of everyone around them.

Good predictor of success emotional flexibility among engineers is emotional self awareness and flexibility. Is a requirement for being a good leader. Good manager are aware of their own emotions but don’t necessarily act on them. You can spot them by take criticism well; don’t easily take offense. Reflect positive emotions such as eagerness and enthusiasm. Resist succumbing to a group’s negative emotions. Stay calm when others don’t or can’t.

You can see that tech leader would have some strengths and weaknesses in the role of being a tech leader . And don’t mentor people only because it’s part of the job description. You do it because it’s valuable for the people we mentor and fulfilling to us.