Toxic Teams: In Star Wars the Last Jedi

Star Wars. Easily the greatest film in the genre of Space Operas. One of the best films in the (currently) 10 film epic is Star Wars – Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Yes, you read that right, The Last Jedi is one of the best movies in the saga. Stop whining about how bad it was, it was beautiful!!!

Whiny Star Wars #&@!’s aside, one thing is clear from the film…both the Virtuous Resistance and the Vicious First Order have some serious toxicity in their teams. But which one is worse? In this article I will examine the flaws and features of each team and ultimately decide which one is most worser-er. Right from the first scene, we see some serious flaws in their leaders, and in their methods. Let me break them down for you.
Fun Fact #1: Rian Johnson storyboarded this scene as “THE BOMBING RUN OF DOOOOOM!”

Teamwork Examples (both good and bad):

  1. (0:18) General Hux Micro-Manages Captain Canady.
  2. (0:25) “WE NEED TO SCRAMBLE OUR FIGHTERS! Five bloody minutes ago…” – Captain Canady
    • Another attribute of toxic leaders is “Unrealistic Expectations.” Despite being in hyperspace “five bloody minutes ago,” Canady expects his team to have foreseen the attack and already counteracted it.
    • Notice that Captain Canady is shifting the blame onto his subordinates. Hux holds him responsible while Canady holds his incompetent crew responsible. An article from forbes says that toxic teams need to “Focus on accountability and stop bullying.”
  3. (1:15) Poe doesn’t listen to his team.
    • **Cough*Cough**Poe is the devil in a jumpsuit**Cough*Cough** Sorry I had something in my throat.
    • Poe chooses to ignore the comments from his team (specifically his leader) in order to go his own way. Arrogance and Poor Communication are both aspects of a toxic team. (Sarcastically) Way to go, Poe.
  4. (1:36) BB-8, being heckin’ helpful.
  5. (2:02) A very helpful First Order Officer (who probably looks familiar, if you have read my other blogs) kindly communicates a threat to Captain Canady.
    • This is the opposite of Poe “Stinky Fart” Dameron.
  6. (3:23) The consequences of not listening to General Leia
    • Kaboom.

So both the First Order and the Resistance are off to a rough start with both teams showing many attributes of toxic teams. This is followed by an embarrassing display of toxic behavior by Supreme Leader Snoke. It appears as if the Resistance is at least helping one another and even sacrificing themselves for each other. Before we draw any conclusions on which team is worse, let’s look at another example from later in the film.

Poe Dameron and Admiral Holdo are rude to each other and people still blame only Holdo!?

Examples of a toxic team:

  1. (0:12) Admiral Ackbar is dead.
    • “My tear ducts can’t repel firepower of that magnitude” – Me, upon hearing the news.
  2. (0:26) Poe Dameron is suuuuuper arrogant and no one notices.
    • Despite being demoted just moments earlier in the film, Poe Dameron still thinks he is might be leading the resistance in Leia’s absence even though Commander D’Acy (who outranks Poe) is the one speaking to him. Idiot.
  3. (1:42) Despite being warned by Ello Asty (the guy who says, “Poe”), Captain Dameron still thinks it is wise to go micro-manage/second-guess Admiral Holdo.
    • His arrogance never ceases to amaze.
  4. (1:58) Admiral Holdo is a unnecessarily rude to Poe.
    • It’s not a good idea to antagonize your teammates.

Wow. So the Resistance has some seriously toxic behavior as well. Tell me again, which one of these teams are the “good guys”? This behavior continues until Poe eventually leads a mutiny. The First Order continues to descend into madness as Snoke–and then eventually Kylo–push their subordinates to the extreme. The movie concludes with Admiral Holdo sacrificing her life to save the Resistance, and Poe eventually learning how to follow orders and not be a piece of bantha fodder.

Since the Resistance eventually learn how to work together (after losing their entire fleet and hundreds, possibly thousands of lives) I am going to say that they are the better team. The Last Jedi ends hopefully for the Resistance, but the First Oder (not a typo) has traded one toxic leader for another. We will see the exciting conclusion to the saga on December 20th, 2019.