Toxicity is everywhere 😒

Some point living your life you’re going to deal with toxic people. In this case most of us had family members, and friends that would be the first who will try to talk you out, of something that you are passionate, excited about, and that you have a vision before. I’ve experience this when I talked about wanting to go to college with my cousins. They all didn’t have nowhere to go to college, so they try to talk me out of it and follow their path and be the same people all twelve of them are today. I could’ve listened and not come to college, but I wanted to create my own reality by choosing my own future. Not only it was important for me to know it was possible to choose my future, but it was necessary, that I work on myself, that I develop myself. It is necessary to get the energy drainers out of your life.

 A toxic teamI experience was in football. Within the football team there where cliques, like the popular kids, and the kids who they thought they were the best. I was the only one not associated with no one on the football team. For that I was neglected, I only had myself. During those times I learn how to work on my own, and better myself. Kids on the team didn’t like how I will do extra workouts after team lifts, they didn’t like how I would talk to the coach to help me better my technique. They disliked how I became the most improved athlete in the program, and over heard me talking to coaches wanting to play the next level of football in college.  So, they decided to talk down on me. But not letting them do so, the most powerful motivational speeches that I have ever heard, came from people who told me I couldn’t do something. You know why? Because when they told me I couldn’t do it, I was bound and determined and to show them that I could. Them telling me I won’t do it, I proved them wrong. 

In the end, I want you to think about something, I want you to think about all the things that people said about you, that have bothered you. Till this day I have people telling me you’ll never be this, you’ll never be that, you’ll never do this, you’re crazy. We all get beat up, we all get frustrated, we all have things that hurt us internally. We all have things that beat us down and make us want to quit. People get pushed to brick, they get pushed to the edge. It’s what you do, when you get to that edge, what determines what you are going to be. so many people tend give up. But really you need to take what everyone had said that doubted you and prove them wrong.  I’m thankful for all the negativity I’ve dealt with in my life, all the people who made it hard, all the people who made things much harder than it was supposed to be. I should write them a thank you card, because if it was for those type of people, I wouldn’t be who I am now.